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Giving vs taking

One-way street

Late 1990, I resigned from my job. I explained that I felt like a library, at which books were borrowed but never returned. One of the audit partners seemed to understand my position but was baffled. It's fine being a teacher, unless you stop learning. Both owners didn't make any teaching effort. Lately, I've come to realise that I'm back on that one-way street in...

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The second first chance

Apparently, my blog title is less common than I had assumed (apart from books by Blakely Bennett and Mona Shroff). Usually, this topic is about giving someone a second chance - or taking. Latter has been researched by psychologists, like in The psychology of having a second chance (RUG-2021). Sometimes, a first chance falls through the cracks - for whatever reason....

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The 7 stages of Liberalism (2)

In 2018, I wrote my blog The 7 stages of Liberalism. Increasingly, I'm wondering if stage 7 was wrong and should have been on the rise of illiberal liberalism. Several articles deal with this phenomenon: Hoover-2014, OUP-2015, Politico-2017, Heritage-2017, Economist-2018 and T&F Online-2022. The key criterion of illiberal liberalism is the immediate desire to...

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Is altruism ever without self-interest?

Some 5 years ago, my then-girlfriend broke up with me. In her view, her decision was rooted in altruism. She gave me back my freedom following my ideas about a future relocation. I was furious. I asked her how her decision could ever be altruistic because I disagreed with her decision and her arguments. A week later, she admitted that I was right. Still, I think,...

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Why is sex not part of the 7 Belief systems?

Last weekend, I received a question: why is sex not part of my concept of the 7 Belief systems? A very interesting question of which I’m not sure that it crossed my mind in 2015. Actually, Love was the 7th and last belief that I defined (my April 2015 blog). It's important to realize that the word sex quite often implies lust and the absence of (romantic) love....

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Cultural misogyny

In 2004, the Swedish journalist and writer Stieg Larsson died at the age of 50. His estate included 3 unpublished novels. In 2005, his first novel was published: Men who hate women. One could summarize this book as follows: men who hate women for their power (not) to give what men want, and women who hate men for their power to take what men want. About a week ago,...

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