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Welke “Ruk naar Rechts”?

De grootste verrassing van 6 juni 2024 was de afwezigheid van een grote verrassing, zoals in Nederland op 22 november 2023. De verwachte “Ruk naar Rechts” (in de media) viel mij heel erg mee. Eigenlijk had ik meer anti-Europees sentiment verwacht. Rusland zal daarom teleurgesteld zijn. De afstraffing van de Franse president is misschien de uitzondering. Hij is...

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Brexit, Dexit en Nexit

In Duitsland wil de extreme AfD een vertrek uit de Europese Unie. In Nederland hebben enkele extreme partijen een soortgelijke wens. In Engeland was het een wens van zowel de Conservatieven als Labour, beide mainstream partijen. Inmiddels vindt een meerderheid van de Britten dat Brexit mislukt is. Brexit, Dexit en Nexit gaan over meer nationalisme en minder Europese...

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The rich world’s housing crunch is far from over (The Economist)

The Economist title: The rich world’s housing crunch is far from over The Economist subtitle: Markets can be split into three camps: early adjusters, bullet-dodgers and slow movers Date: 2 April 2023 "At times during the long boom that followed the global financial crisis of 2007-09, it seemed as if house prices would never stop rising. Sales surged as a cocktail of...

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Several people and/or countries demand reparations for past wrongful acts (eg, climate change, slavery, WWII). In case of countries, these demands often feel like blackmail or extortion. In case of people, these demands often lack causality due to time elapsed (eg, centuries). Moreover, there is an indirect and implicit claim of a collective sin, like the Germans...

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From nationalism to imperialism

At the recent UN General Assembly, several countries accused the Russian president of imperialism (eg, 2022 invasion of Ukraine). It has been a long way for Russia: from imperialism to communism to nationalism and back to imperialism. I presume Putin will be proud of being called an imperialist. The countries accusing Russia of imperialism know what they are talking...

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Why Putin Can’t Tap Fascism’s Greatest Resource (Bloomberg+WaPo)

Bloomberg + Washington Post title: Why Putin Can’t Tap Fascism’s Greatest Resource Bloomberg subtitle: Neither he nor Russia’s hard-core nationalists have come up with convincing arguments to persuade ordinary post-Soviet Russians to die in a discretionary conflict. By: Leonid Bershidsky Date: 21 September 2022 "The Bucha atrocities and more recent evidence of...

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