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Brexit, Dexit en Nexit

In Duitsland wil de extreme AfD een vertrek uit de Europese Unie. In Nederland hebben enkele extreme partijen een soortgelijke wens. In Engeland was het een wens van zowel de Conservatieven als Labour, beide mainstream partijen. Inmiddels vindt een meerderheid van de Britten dat Brexit mislukt is. Brexit, Dexit en Nexit gaan over meer nationalisme en minder Europese...

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China’s new social contract

On October 21, Bloomberg sent me an email newsletter, entitled China's new social contract. I was immediately reminded of the new Dutch political party with the same name: New Social Contract. In my view, that party is vague in its ambitions. I have a similar feeling about China's new ambitions. In my view, any society that hinders a market economy is doomed to...

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Josep Borrell: “Europe has become a geopolitical power”

Recently, the FT published this article: Borrell calls on China to treat EU as a ‘geopolitical power’ in its own right. That FT article was based on this speech by Josep Borrell, who is the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. I'm wondering if it's wishful thinking. Henry Kissinger is credited with the question: "Who do I call if...

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Mitigating country risk in supply-chain management

Country risk used to be a somewhat minor risk management issue in banking. Today, it has become a major issue in business' supply-chain management due to China (eg, zero-Covid policy) and Russia (eg, sanctions and nationalizations following invasion of Ukraine). Hence, this recent Bloomberg comment: "Hard evidence is now emerging that all the discussions of strained...

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What defines a SuperPower?

Until about a year ago, many articles claimed that China would surpass the USA as an (economic) SuperPower. I never believed those articles. China did and does not meet the SuperPower criteria. Today, many articles assume that USA may not be surpassed. I doubt that too. The Roman Empire was - probably - the first global empire. Alternatively, it was a multi-regional...

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EU looks to ban companies from making sensitive tech in China (Politico)

Politico Europe title: EU looks to ban companies from making sensitive tech in China Politico subtitle: Brussels moves to create new powers to clamp down on companies outsourcing key supply chains to autocratic countries. By: JAKOB HANKE VELA and BARBARA MOENSDate: 20 June 2023 "BRUSSELS — The EU on Tuesday revealed plans to prevent European...

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