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Game Theory

Games People Play

The title of my blog is also the title of a "bestselling 1964 book" by psychiatrist Eric Berne (1910-1970): Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships (Amazon, BOL, Eric Berne). The various games, which people play, match the Body-Mind-Soul triangle (my blogs). As a child, we mostly play bodily or physical games, like soccer. As an adult, we often...

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Auditors not raising questions

A 4 May 2017 FT article, about auditors not raising questions, reminded me of a situation in the early 2000's. The corporate controller entered my room and said, full of surprise, that the auditors were not asking him any question. I told him that I, as CFO, had a similar experience even while my door is always - and deliberately - open. His complaint made me visit...

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The 45th President and Captain America

The 45th President and Captain America

Rapid technology changes and the prospects of mass unemployment are perfect ingredients for stirring up human fears about job loss and poverty. Politicians are masters in unleashing these sleeping fears for their own benefit. DW: "In an interview published Sunday, Pope Francis cautioned Europeans against the lure of populism, saying they should avoid repeating the...

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The Game Theory and EU/Greek negotiations (to be continued)

Yesterday the negotiations regarding the extension - and its conditions - of the EU bail-out loans to Greece collapsed. That was not a surprise. However, a surprise did emerge: a united eurozone. The entire eurozone is of the opinion that Greece should honour its obligations albeit that the conditions might be relaxed. Greece's proposal for a huge haircut on the...

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The Game Theory – macro and micro

Last Friday the Financial Times (FT), my favourite newspaper, mentioned an interesting fact with respect to the current negotiations between Greece and the EU about relaxing the conditions of the EU bailout loans to Greece. The newly appointed Greek Finance Minister used to be a university professor teaching his students about the economics Nobel Prize winning Game...

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