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About a decade ago, a friend expressed his intention on staying neutral in my divorce. I expressed my doubts: not picking sides in a conflict, like a divorce, seemed impossible. Subsequently, it appeared that his neutrality was in his words, and not in his deeds. Also see my blogs on Deeds, Words & Intentions. In 2017, the Chinese president stated that the...

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The World Younger Russians Knew Is Over (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: The World Younger Russians Knew Is Over By: Anthony Halpin Date: 11 March 2022 “The exodus of foreign companies from Russia may hurl the country back decades in just a few weeks, as consumer goods and services are denied a whole cohort of those under 40 who took them for granted.   This is the “Putin generation” that came of age under the...

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Why is our tolerance waning?

Compared to the previous century, in which I grew up, I notice that our intolerance towards 'others' is (still) increasing. Our intolerance relates to (the freedom of) (i) speech, (ii) worship (ie, religion), (iii) sexuality (eg, LGBT, non-binary) and (iv) making own choices (eg, unvaccinated). Why?? The common denominator above is identity. We dislike others being,...

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Justin Trudeau Has Disgraced His Office (National Review)

National Review title: Justin Trudeau Has Disgraced His OfficeNR subtitle: He’s also exposed a massive flaw in Canada’s constitutional order.By: Charles C. W. CookeDate: 16 February 2022 "In a famous 1889 letter to A. S. Gruzinsky, the playwright Anton Chekhov proposed that “one must never place a loaded rifle on the stage if it isn’t going to go off” at some...

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Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on protests could make things worse (the Economist)

The Economist title: Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on protests could make things worseThe Economist subtitle: By seeking to curb free speech, he will aggravate Canada’s divisionsDate: 16 February 2022 "CANADA'S REPUTATION for impeccable politeness is taking a knocking. In recent weeks crowds of lorry-drivers and other Canadians protesting against covid-19...

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Mind your step

At Schiphol Airport, the loudspeakers near the treadmills keep repeating: "Mind your step". This analogy came to mind when thinking about the Third Law of Motion by Isaac Newton: for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction (source). In other words: what goes around, comes around. Nowadays, it's common practice to propose to forbid,...

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