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Dutch PM: “What more can I do??”

At last Friday's press conference, the Dutch PM asked his citizens: "What more can I do??" His pathetic remark triggered me to prepare a response. I've little to no confidence that it will change anything. I do hope that my response will embolden my readers into thinking: "Yesssss, I'm not alone in my view". Please find below my alternative plan for a Covid-19...

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How do you help yourself?

At this time, someone may consider asking me: how do you help yourself? For some, this question will just be theoretical. For others, its answer will hopefully translate into a practical tool. My answer will primarily be helpful for the ones who want to survive. The ones in a victim role may say that they need or want help but their intentions will - sooner or later...

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On 29 February 2020, I got my 1st corona contamination after a lunch with my mother (now 86) and my son (now 23). Suddenly, a heavy fatigue came over me, which lasted for 2-3 weeks. Early March 2021, I got my 2nd contamination: again a sudden fatigue, less heavy than the first, and "only" for 1-2 weeks. A February 2021 Dutch newspaper article confirmed my...

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Op 29 februari 2020 liep ik mijn eerste corona besmetting op, na een lunch met mijn moeder (nu 86) en mijn zoon (nu 23). Gedurende 2 tot 3 weken had ik plotseling last van een zware vermoeidheid. Begin maart 2021 liep ik mijn tweede corona besmetting op. De vermoeidheid was wederom plotseling maar minder zwaar en duurde slechts 1-2 weken. Een Volkskrant artikel van...

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Mechanization, Automation, AI & Robotics

Last Friday, I had an epiphany following my Dutch language blog of that day. I suddenly felt that there is a hidden trend in the development from tools to mechanization to automation to AI & robotics. It took me a while to digest that thought. Please find the resulting diagram below. The meta dimensions of How-What-When-Where-Who-Why are used to verify if my...

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Needs, Wants, Beliefs, Awakening & Wisdom

Let me start by presenting my current thoughts on today's topic through the diagram below. Please be informed that the contemporary "woke" subculture is part of human Beliefs and not of an Awakening. To a large extent, these two are even each other's opposites. The awareness in "woke" represents a blindness to anything else, which results in (highly) biased...

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