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Geopolitics in time

Power might be the most dominant human force. Not only in individuals (ie, micro) but also in groups, nations, and - more recently in human history - also in blocs (ie, macro). The belief systems in the Power domain are Money, Politics, Religion (out in 2019), and Technology (new in 2019). My diagram does not show the Power conquests by individuals (eg, Crusades,...

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If China’s growth is so strong, why is inflation so weak? (The Economist)

The Economist title: If China’s growth is so strong, why is inflation so weak? The Economist subtitle: A paradox that has analysts snickering Date: 27 April 2023 "When America unshackled its economy from pandemic-era restrictions two years ago, it also unlocked inflation. By mid-2021, consumer prices were rising by more than 5% compared with the previous year....

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China’s exit bans multiply as political control tightens under Xi (Reuters)

Reuters title: China's exit bans multiply as political control tightens under Xi By: James Pomfret and Angel Woo Date: 2 May 2023 "Summary: - Safeguard Defenders report maps rise in exit bans - Foreign business community concerned about exit bans - U.S.-China geopolitical tensions weigh - Mintz Singaporean executive exit banned this year China is...

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Confusion: reality vs beliefs

When reality is different from our assumptions, beliefs, or expectations then we will get confused. A recent and excellent Aeon-Psyche article argues that Confusion is a symptom of learning. In my view, our confusion will either result in (internal) curiosity, a prerequisite for learning, or be ignored. In "2003, the psychologists Paul Rozin and Adam Cohen asked...

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AI: artificial intelligence or artificial idiocy?

Recently, I have noticed many articles on Artificial Intelligence (AI), including this one: Artificial Idiocy. It was written by Slavoj Žižek, Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School, and International Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at the University of London. I also noticed an excellent article by Wim Naudé (b.1968), an...

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Priority vs option

In several situations, you may experience an unpleasant and subconscious feeling: being someone's option rather than her/his/their priority. These situations may relate to: family (eg, children, relationship), leisure (eg, friendship), love (eg, dating), sports, study, and/or work (eg, jobs). This unpleasant feeling relates to some of my recent blogs: Feeling...

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