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The pain of a first name

Late Wednesday evening, just before midnight, a new Possibly Maybe crossed my path. She sent me a message that she is interested in me. She lives in my neighbourhood, which was a nice surprise. From a dating perspective, I seem to be living in no woman's land. Everything changed when she mentioned her first name. Any name brings back memories (see below). Some of...

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Morality is defined by our intentions, our words, and our actions/deeds. The law punishes bad deeds as there were bad consequences. Without consequences, bad words may easily avoid punishment. Bad intentions are difficult to prove in court. Sometimes, people experience “moral luck” when bad deeds fail to cause bad consequences. Taking accountability and/or...

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Self Forgiveness

It’s hard to forgive. Sometimes because we don’t want to forgive. Perhaps because we prefer to hate. Perhaps because there’s just too much to forgive. Sometimes we want to forgive but we just don’t know how to forgive. There are plenty of reasons for not forgiving others. Forgiving ourselves is even harder. We all make mistakes, big and small. When these mistakes...

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Do people deserve a 2nd chance?

On the website the answer is clear: 80% says that people should get 2nd chances, and 20% objects. The "No" answers usually refer to all kinds of criminals and (sex) offenders. I expected that terrorists would also be mentioned but I was wrong. Recently, the FT posed a similar question on the several thousands of dead bodies in Mosul: "In death, what...

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The psychological cost of reconciliation

Sometimes you see something and you immediately feel: "Bingo!" This feeling struck me when I got my weekly email from Science Magazine announcing their latest articles. One of these new Science articles is: The psychological cost of reconciliation. The article is about the "Post-conflict reconciliation [that] led to societal healing, but worsened...

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The Revenge – Retaliation cycle (2) – Letting go and moving on

The Revenge – Retaliation cycle (2) – Letting go and moving on

In my 8 April 2016 blog on the Revenge – Retaliation cycle, there's a (missing) crucial moment after the breach of trust and it's called: Hurt. Actually, this feeling of hurt triggers one of the 3 responses being: letting go/moving on, revenge, and a combination of regret, remorse, and reconnect. We all know that hurt causes pain whether physical...

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