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You will not heal by going back to what broke you

My blog title is borrowed from a proverb of unknown origin. I noticed this allegedly Irish proverb in Chesapeake Shores (Se05Ep03), a Netflix series which is rated 7.5 in IMDb. Actually, this perspective is brand new to me. After some consideration, it feels like a truth. Some rifts are much more like geological fault lines. In love, we may consider giving someone a...

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Another IPCC warning (2): après nous, le déluge (4)

Last Monday, the IPCC issued its 6th assessment report on climate change (report). Their timing is remarkable as we are still being made scared about the latest coronavirus mutant (eg, Reuters). I assume that this IPCC report will soon lose the media battle for attention. Fear works better when it's close to you. The IPCC warning is "only" about forthcoming decades...

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Why can’t I feel comfortably numb?

My mother (86) often says to me that I should care less about things. She is not alone in her view. Close friends say the same to me. I wish I could feel comfortably numb, like others. I cannot even if I want to. There is no ON/OFF button inside me. My default value is to care about people and things, provided that they/these are worth my time and effort. I am...

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Exactly eight years ago, I went to Mombasa. This time alone. I was reluctant to go. I felt that something bad or at least important would happen during my trip. However, my trip seemed better for all people concerned. I suppose that I accepted my fate of what was going to happen.When entering the Arrivals hall, nobody was waiting for me. I made three rounds, while...

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Interracial relationships

My first girlfriend was a Dutch-Indonesian girl from my birthplace. Many afternoons, I watched her bicycling home, while I was studying upstairs. In my memories, she had "raven hair and ruby lips". It took me a while to get acquainted to her. Her younger brother was always trailing her. Things got easier when I noticed her walking the dog (alone), behind my parents'...

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The rollercoaster of Solitude and Loneliness (4)

Some people enjoy the company of others. I prefer the company of myself. Deep down, I'm a solitary man. This may explain the loopings of my rollercoaster of solitude and loneliness: at a low point, I'll miss company. At a high, I'll miss my solitude. In between, I'm usually enjoying the company of the one that I am with. When I'm in a relationship, I usually forget...

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