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“It’s a pity we can’t stay friends with everyone”

Some time ago, a friend made this Dutch comment: “En spijtig genoeg lukt het niet met iedereen om vrienden te blijven.” My title above is the English translation. She and I are still friends, although no longer lovers. Our friendship has always been stronger than our relationship. She is like the sister I never had. Generally, I tend to disagree with my friend’s...

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Negativity: not forgetting + not forgiving + not loving (yourself)

I'm not good in forgetting (eg, bad events). I forgive easily but not everyone. For decades, I did not love myself (eg, failed marriage). My introspection, following my 2013 burnout and subsequent depression, allowed me to achieve philautia or self-love. Narcissism is an extreme form of self-love and/but without any doubt. Writing the aforementioned paragraph made...

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Positivity = forget + forgive + love (yourself)

A month ago, I had an epiphany. I suddenly realized that negativity = not forgetting + not forgiving + not loving (yourself). My blog title is the opposite, for obvious reasons. Positivity = forget + forgive + love (yourself). Quite quickly, it struck me that there is - again - an overlap with my concept of Love, Knowledge & Power, as well as the (ancient)...

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We are eager to forget and eager to move on

Now that the Dutch corona restrictions are coming to an end, people are (very) eager to forget and (very) eager to move on. Nightclub tickets were sold out despite violating the rules (eg, AD). At their age, people view death as an unlucky coincidence rather than an imminent certainty. I'm somewhere in between. Some people assume that our social codes (eg, embrace,...

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Is altruism ever without self-interest?

Some 5 years ago, my then-girlfriend broke up with me. In her view, her decision was rooted in altruism. She gave me back my freedom following my ideas about a future relocation. I was furious. I asked her how her decision could ever be altruistic because I disagreed with her decision and her arguments. A week later, she admitted that I was right. Still, I think,...

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You will not heal by going back to what broke you

My blog title is borrowed from a proverb of unknown origin. I noticed this allegedly Irish proverb in Chesapeake Shores (Se05Ep03), a Netflix series which is rated 7.5 in IMDb. Actually, this perspective is brand new to me. After some consideration, it feels like a truth. Some rifts are much more like geological fault lines. In love, we may consider giving someone a...

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