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Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (3)

In October 2020, I wrote two blogs on Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate: part 1 and part 2. Recently, this topic returned to my mind. I've been wondering since whether this expression might be a cycle, representing Change. I think, feel and believe it is. This blog elaborates on my thinking.In a healthy relationship, there isn't much fighting. A new...

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The Greater Good versus the Happy Few

In Wednesday's blog, "How long can a society last without hope?", I suddenly realised that the new Great Divide of (i) Ideology versus Pragmatism (my 2020 blog), and (ii) the generational conflict (my 2021 blog) have a remarkable overlap. Combined, they represent a new Great Divide of the Greater Good versus the Happy Few.The Greater Good theory assumes...

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Exit strategy

Exit strategy

In my view, an exit clause and/or strategy is the most important element in an agreement, a contract or in a certain situation (eg, Covid-19 exit strategy). However, it's also an underestimated step despite that (marriage) contracts do end prematurely (eg, divorce). Outsourcing contracts may have the worst exit strategies as if people forgot to even think about...

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A new Great Divide: Ideology vs Pragmatism

From the start of parliamentary democracy, Europe had a clear divide between Labour / Left versus Conservatives / Right (c.1900-2000). The post-WWII rise of Globalism created a new divide with Nationalism (c.1950-today). It seems that a new great divide is emerging from the pandemic's economic ashes: Ideology versus Pragmatism (2021-onwards).For a long time,...

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Fear sells

For a long time, I've been puzzled by the volume of fear-driven messages of Dutch and international media on the Covid-19 response. These fear-driven messages caused a tunnel vision and resulted in a race to the bottom. Also see my blog Race to the bottom. A December 6 article in the National Review confirms the above: Media-Driven Fear...

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The Peter principle and human stupidity

In the 1980s, I used to compare organisational promotions to density: the lower someone's density, the faster and higher (s)he will be promoted within an organisation. Probably, I was not yet aware of the Peter principle, "which observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their "level of incompetence", a 1969 management book by Dr. Laurence J....

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