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Afgelopen maandag concludeerde ik dat een vriendin in een uitzichtloze situatie lijkt te zitten. Echter, zodra haar prioriteiten zouden wijzigen, dan wijzigt haar keuze (om daarin te blijven zitten). Ik zie geen andere oplossingen. Haar verkeerde prioriteiten leiden tot een verkeerde keuze. Ze snapt me. Ik vermoed dat menigeen in een uitzichtloze situatie lijkt te...

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From Fear to Love??

My recent diagram (below) did not show an arrow from Fear to Love. In my view, it seems extremely unlikely that someone is able, daring and willing to make that jump. Is that move impossible?? In my view, it requires a long detour. Source: my recent blog Closed versus open My diagram above represents a cycle of the stages of Doubt, Fear, Hope and Love in Life,...

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It’s better to smile than to get angry

Recently, I had my bi-annual dental (hygienist) appointment. At my arrival, I received a checklist with some 30 health questions and was asked to complete it and sign off. After reviewing those questions, I insisted on their explanation. I'm still waiting for it. I was sent home because it was a must. That incident spoiled my afternoon. I hate being told that I must...

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Quitting dating is like quitting smoking

I hesitate writing this. I prefer not to give up on Hope. Dating at my age is becoming increasingly discouraging and sometimes outright depressing. I'm not alone in my view. Several people already said the same to me. Some stopped entirely. Last Sunday, someone used my fishing in troubled waters analogy. That analogy captures various aspects like demographics,...

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Foreign cash fleeing China adds insult to injury (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg BreakingViews title: Foreign cash fleeing China adds insult to injury Bloomberg BreakingViews alternative title: Easy come, easy go By: Pete Sweeney Date: 28 March 2022 "Beijing’s close ties with Moscow may be rattling foreign investors. A study by the Institute of International Finance found that China has been experiencing “unprecedented”...

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Too little, too late

Several weeks ago, the phrase too little, too late entered my mind. An example in my private life qualified for that phrase. Subsequently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine took place. Some opinions argued that the Western response qualified this phrase. Most were surprised that it did not qualify. I think, feel and believe that too little, too late is our default...

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