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Faith vs Religion

All humans are believers (Big Think)

Big Think title: All humans are believers Big Think subtitle: Belief is not just about God or ghosts.By: Marcelo Gleiser Date: 31 August 2022 "KEY TAKEAWAYS Belief is an essential need for all humans. It is not just about God or ghosts.  Science extends its reach into all aspects of the world, but its reach is not unlimited. We have to choose how to deal...

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Appreciation vs gratitude

Last week, I read a beautiful AP article on the writer's appreciation for Bill Russell. As a European, I had never heard of the late Bill Russell (1934-2022), an American basketball player and coach. The word appreciation triggered my curiosity though, and my subsequent interest in this word. Appreciation and gratitude are related but not the same. In my view, their...

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‘Why are my beliefs different?’

Recently, I noticed the above question in a Guardian article. Beliefs are unknown knowns: we know that we do not know but we still believe. This definition does, however, neither answer nor change the nature of the question above. Example: our individual beliefs about God are very different. “I believe in Spinoza’s God, who reveals Himself in the lawful harmony of...

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Loyalty, fidelity and principles

Last Monday, my local friend had another suggestion: fidelity (eg, principles, wife). I asked if he meant loyalty. He acknowledged but stated that the scope is up to me. My initial reply to him was that dogs are loyal while humans are not (eg, Quora). My reply expressed cynicism following my personal experiences. A few months ago, I mentioned loyalty in my blog: The...

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The viral role in the blueprint of Life

The 2022 Quanta article below, A Billion Years Before Sex, Ancient Cells Were Equipped for It, is rather technical to read. Nevertheless, it's a must-read as it reveals several very important issues. Most importantly, this article supports my theory that viruses play an important - if not essential - role in Evolution and in the blueprint of Life. The article does...

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“What is faith?”

Mid March, I received a question from one of the readers of my blog, asking me for my definition of faith. She also stated: "According to the [deleted by LO] church (in which I was raised) I suppose that I don't have much." Note: italic markings in quote by LO. My then-answer to her was as follows: "Faith is an individual’s belief in any deity or Supreme Being....

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