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Joie de vivre

This topic isn't easy due to recent events. Actually, it hasn't been easy since that day in May 2013. Ever since my 2013 burnout and subsequent 18 month depression, joie de vivre doesn't come natural anymore. Faith, Hope and Love also keep me going; see my 15 March 2023 blog. Faith and religion are two separate items. I'm not religious while I have lots of faith....

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En toen kwam jij …….

Al heel lang staat er een onderwerp op mijn lijst, waarvan ik niet wist wat ik ermee aan moest: en toen kwam jij ..... Het leek nergens op te slaan tot die zondag in april. Ik hoorde jou zeggen dat je een vriend voor het leven zoekt. Dat zette me aan het denken. Diezelfde nacht viel het kwartje. De volgende dag ben ik je gaan zoeken. Het duurde niet heel lang...

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Having beliefs is the ultimate cause of anxiety

My blog title is borrowed from a 2023 Aeon essay on Known unknowables. Known unknowns is another term for human beliefs and our related 7 Belief systems (ie, 2015 original, 2019 update, 2023 update). Beliefs are the "things" we know that we do not know but still believe. "They thought of their scepticism as a way of life – as a way of reaching ataraxia or...

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Free will: no one can predict what you’ll do. Seriously?

People who know me well will claim that they can predict my choices. I think, feel and believe their view is valid. Nevertheless, neuroscientist Stanislas Dehaene claims that ‘Free will is real. No one can predict what you are going to do’ (El Pais-2023). The explanation may be in statistics. Knowing someone well implies that you've witnessed many events, in which...

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“Life is not easy, faith and hope keeps me going”

Last Tuesday, an old friend said the following in our conversation: "life is not easy, faith and hope keeps me going". I suppose her words contain universal wisdom. Her words (also) relate to 1 Corinthians 13-13: "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." Got Questions states the following conclusion on the difference...

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All humans are believers (Big Think)

Big Think title: All humans are believers Big Think subtitle: Belief is not just about God or ghosts.By: Marcelo Gleiser Date: 31 August 2022 "KEY TAKEAWAYS Belief is an essential need for all humans. It is not just about God or ghosts.  Science extends its reach into all aspects of the world, but its reach is not unlimited. We have to choose how to deal...

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