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How do you help yourself?

At this time, someone may consider asking me: how do you help yourself? For some, this question will just be theoretical. For others, its answer will hopefully translate into a practical tool. My answer will primarily be helpful for the ones who want to survive. The ones in a victim role may say that they need or want help but their intentions will - sooner or later...

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I have faith in you. I believe in you.

The ancient Greek had (at least) six words for Love, being agape (divine love), eros (romantic love), philia (friendship), philautia (self-love), storge (familial love) and xenia (hospitality). These words are all connected to my concept Faith, Beliefs & Willpower. When you love someone, you believe in them. You have faith in them. Both give you the willpower to...

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Growth and motivation

I cannot recall that I've ever had difficulties in motivating myself, apart from an 18-month period in 2013-2014. Latter makes sense as a burnout is a crisis of faith (NY Magazine-2006, my 2019 blog). Our faith empowers our beliefs while our beliefs drive our willpower. Hence, losing faith in your beliefs erodes your willpower. Recently, someone offered me money to...

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Everything becomes fluid under pressure, except for Love

On 16 August 2019, I published my blog: Under pressure, everything becomes fluid. Recently, I had an epiphany: except for Love. Many, if not all, deeds, words and intentions become fluid under enough pressure. The most common tool is money. I think, feel and believe that Love cannot be pressured into becoming fluid. In other words: you cannot make people love you. A...

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What stops human beliefs?

There are three collective development stages in humankind: Needs, Wants and Beliefs (my blogs). On an individual level, there is a fourth: an Awakening. Ever since I developed this concept, there has been a question on my mind: why does it seem impossible for societies to collectively reach an Awakening? In other words: what stops human beliefs?In general, the...

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Lust for Life

 Late September, I noticed a personal ad in a newspaper. One Dutch word hit me in the face: "levenslust" or "lust for life". My many disappointments in Love had disrupted my lust for life. In the absence of Hope and Love, Doubt and Fear will take over (my blogs). In my life, doubt has a central spot because doubt forces me to keep an open mind. This kind of...

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