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The fine line

There’s a fine line between a friendship and a relationship. It’s an either / or situation. The threshold is intimacy. Once that threshold has been crossed, there’s a new fine line (eg, us vs them). Crossing that second fine line often ends everything (ie, friendship and relationship). According to Oscar Wilde, there’s one serious problem: “Between men and women...

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Tijd voor verandering

Vanaf volgde week stop ik met schrijven. In ieder geval tijdelijk. Ik voel dat het tijd is voor verandering. Mijn inspiratie is al langer niet wat ie was. De richting van die verandering betreft (vermoedelijk) mijn omgeving en niet mezelf. Mogelijk heeft mijn status quo te lang geduurd. Mijn balans en/of evenwicht beginnen soms op een vacuüm te lijken. De...

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Did you ever ask for help?

I remember one instance of asking for help to someone. I did not doubt the answer. I expected a Yes. One instance isn't much in six decades. This blog topic is not about business-related help questions. Those have a joint purpose: finish the job or task. My topic is about personal questions for help. My original blog title was: Why are we afraid of asking for help?...

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Why do we underestimate?

While watching the tv series The Catch (eg, IMDb), I suddenly wondered this: do we always underestimate? Our underestimations are usually about (i) whether we can trust someone, or (ii) how much space and/or time something takes (eg, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora, Tiny Buddha). The answer may relate to the "problem-solving principle" Occam's razor. It's often...

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Expectations vs Hope

There's often a thin line between expectations and hope. Sometimes, you even wonder if there's a difference. I suppose the main difference is time. Hope does not have a timeframe; expectations usually do. Both assume that something will happen. The degree of certainty varies significantly. A recent Aeon article suggests that there is another difference: When hope is...

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Hindsight bias

On 12 June 2023, the British Psychological Society (BPS) published this article: Hindsight bias creates illusion of doomed relationships. We all know those unlikely couples. Their break-up confirms what we had "known-all-along". Those who stay together remain an accident waiting to happen. Recently, I visited a property that looked very appealing on paper, despite...

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