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Why our egocentrism is the source of our stupidity

In 2021, I've written a lot about human stupidity (my blogs). I've been hesitant to address the How-What-When-Where-Who-Why questions. A 2021 Psyche article was very helpful: Why some of the smartest people can be so very stupid (eg, my blog). Apparently, stupidity is a blind spot in our thinking. Recently, I noticed two more related articles that have been causing...

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Divine intervention

Mahatma Gandhi once stated: "God has no religion". I couldn't agree more. The notion that there would be more than one deity is preposterous. I'm not sure that my omnism qualifies as being religious. I have faith though, lots of it. I believe there's a force of Good and a force of Evil. Our consciousness and/or our Soul connect us to those forces. I...

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Serendipity vs synchronicity

Last week, someone mentioned the term synchronicity to me. She gave an example. I rebutted that her example feels like serendipity to me. She was unfamiliar with my term, while I was unaware of the meaning that Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung had given to hers.The similarity and difference between serendipity and synchronicity are shown in...

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To block or not to block that is the question

While showering, I received a new idea: to block or not to block that is the question. I have blocked dozens of people in my phone. Most of them are scammers from abroad. A few of them, I know (well) though. I'm not proud of blocking them but it's for my own peace of mind. Since about 2 weeks, I've been blocked by someone. I haven't blocked her as there is no...

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Why did China lie to us about its coronavirus? (2)

A lot has happened since my 2 April 2020 blog: Why did China lie to us about its coronavirus deaths? Ever since that blog, I have noticed an avalanche of articles with a similar scope. Since April 8, Facebook is - and retroactively - blocking all of my Google (!) blog posts. More recently, the American state of Missouri has started a lawsuit against China...

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Good vs Evil

For centuries, there is a debate whether humans are (mostly) good or (mostly) evil (eg, IAI-2019, NRC-2019). The Stanford Prison Experiment suggested "that people unconsciously take on whatever role is expected of them in a given situation. Put kind and gentle people in positions of authority over others and many will inevitably become sadistic and abusive."...

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