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Everything follows Why

We need Knowledge, we want Power, and we believe in Love

In my blog of last Thursday, I suddenly noticed an overlap between two of my concepts: (i) Love, Knowledge & Power (my blogs), and (ii) Needs, Wants & Beliefs (my blogs). Combined, both concepts result in the following: (1) we need Knowledge, (2) we want Power, and (3) we believe in Love. This is trialism at its best. The other side of this coin is that both...

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‘Do we need mosquitoes?’

My friend's question caught me by surprise. My thinking went silent for a moment. My initial answer was still kind of evasive in order to buy time: 'mosquitoes are part of the food chain'. Humans are on top of the food chain until another species comes along and above us. In the back of my mind another question popped up: why do we need humans? The ultimate question...

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About a boy

Recently, a Dutch-Flemish boy of eleven years graduated cum laude in Physics at Antwerp University. He started studying at Eindhoven University of Technology at the age of nine (Brussels Times). What does this event imply for topics like our biological clock, consciousness, epigenetics, learning vs teaching, nature vs nurture, talents, and/or the age when our brain...

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What is risk and why is it?

Essentially, risk is our nickname for dealing with uncertainties. Uncertainty is a consequence of Change, including its occurrence, its frequency, its direction (ie, the how, what, when, where, who questions). It suddenly occurred to me that I’ve never questioned the Why of Change. Change is a default or given in Life. Without Change (or motion), there would...

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Space and time: the chicken and egg dilemma

The chicken and egg dilemma can be rephrased into a simple question: what came first? The same applies to space and time: what came first? There is no time without space. Does space need time in order to exist? Perhaps not if there would be no motion (eg, freeze-frame). Motion makes it more likely that both occurred simultaneously. Hence, the spacetime dimension....

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Asking the right question

Asking the right question

As an auditor, I know that it's all about asking the right question. Asking wrong questions will usually give you valid though irrelevant answers. The same principle applies to the questions that you're asking yourself. A breakthrough during introspection can only arrive when you're asking yourself the right question(s). The Why question isn't always the...

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