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Europe-Federal Republic

Will the German Federal court confirm the Polish ruling?

The recent ruling by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal was rather smart: only some parts of EU treaties are incompatible with the Polish constitution (eg, BBC, Reuters). Hence, the majority of EU treaties is compatible. You will, however, not read that conclusion in any mainstream media. Nearly all media are only interested in: click-bait-fight until future...

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Is a dissolution of the EU and UK, like the Soviet Union, unavoidable?

Late June 2021, the Dutch PM urged the Hungarian PM to leave the EU following a spat over LGBT rights (eg, BBC, Bloomberg, Dutch News, WaPo). Recently, Hungary announced a referendum on its (anti) LGBT law (eg, Guardian, Reuters). If its citizens agree, the EU options seem limited to accept, deny or delay (eg, committee). In 2016, the UK announced a referendum on...

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EU: the balancing of a back office and its front offices

Businesses often use an organizational structure that combines several (external) front offices (eg, various commercial brands) which are supported by a joint (internal) back office (eg, Finance, HR, ICT, Logistics). For this structure to be successful, the power struggle between front and back office should be kept at a minimum. Trust between front and back office...

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Europe: Identity vs Power (4)

The EU wants to penalize some member states for their national decisions that lack "European values" - whatever these may be. These national decisions were made by a parliamentary majority and should thus be considered as democratic. Both countries retaliated by vetoing the 2021-2027 EU budget. The main issue at stake is the erosion of the national rule of law....

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Decline is invisible from the inside

As a Dutchman, it's hard viewing Europe as an entity, if only following the 24 different languages. Europe is a geographical location. Many people view and/or treat the European Union as a Federation, like USA, which it is not. The European Union only exists through its many multilateral treaties. Being on the inside of Europe, makes it hard viewing...

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“The nation state has no future standing alone” (Angela Merkel)

Recently, the German chancellor declared: "The nation state has no future standing alone". If that assumption is valid then I accept her "Franco-German plan for European recovery" (Guardian). Historian Niall Ferguson reached a different conclusion in Nikkei Asian Review: "[] in a [corona] crisis like this, there are "diseconomies" of scale. Small is beautiful...

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