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Equality vs inequality

Inflation Is Good for You (the Intercept)

Introduction LO: This article is counter-intuitive. It makes much more sense to expect that low-income households will feel (much) more pain than high-income households. Hence, I selected it for a review and fact-check. This article focuses on the impact of inflation on debt. In and of itself, it is true that inflation deflates debt in real terms. However, debt is...

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From “are you being served?” to “will you be served?”

A random Dutch radio news message: police retirement will outpace police recruitment in the forthcoming years, which will result in police shortages. You can hear/read similar messages about nurses, plumbers, teachers etc. The (predicted) impact of a graying population is - finally - becoming noticeable. My blog's title is a reference to the 1972-1985 British comedy...

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Collateral damage

Recently, the Dutch Financial Times referred to an August 2021 key statistic of the Asian Development Bank: "COVID-19 Has Plunged around 75-80 million Asians into Extreme Poverty" (see diagram on page 30). Add the African continent and we are probably talking about 200 million of people, who are facing extreme poverty due to our handling of Covid-19. WHO (sic!)...

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China: political crackdown on technology = slowdown of economy?

On August 31, the Wall Street Journal reported that "August data suggests China’s economy slowed further, particularly in services but also in the previously strong manufacturing sector". The WSJ article blames Chinese "efforts to contain the Delta variant outbreak". There is no mentioning of a slowdown of the Chinese economy following the Chinese crackdown on...

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Cultural misogyny

In 2004, the Swedish journalist and writer Stieg Larsson died at the age of 50. His estate included 3 unpublished novels. In 2005, his first novel was published: Men who hate women. One could summarize this book as follows: men who hate women for their power (not) to give what men want, and women who hate men for their power to take what men want. About a week ago,...

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Turning the tables

Joe Biden might be the smartest Democrat ever. He is finally turning the tables on the Republicans. It has always fascinated me that Democrats and Republicans had contradicting approaches to the Budget and government debt. While you would expect Republicans would be fiscally conservative, they were not. While you would expect Democrats would be fiscally...

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