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The Droste effect

Quite some (scientific) articles compare the human brain to the Universe; in particular a 2020 ScienceAlert: Study Maps The Odd Structural Similarities Between The Human Brain And The Universe. Other comparisons may include: birth, growth, maturity, decline (a.k.a. entropy). Might the Universe - and everything else - mirror something called the Droste effect? Wiki:...

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The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension

Last Wednesday, I received an epiphany. My diagram below is the result of that. I think, feel and believe that my epiphany is important. It captures my current understanding of my blog topics: Data / Info, Energy vs Matter, and the Spacetime dimension. Spacetime is the only known known dimension to us. In practical terms, space has 3 sub dimensions: length, width,...

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Why information is central to physics and the universe itself (Big Think)

Introduction by LO: This Big Think article could have been much better but it's still a useful introduction. In my view, this article is about panpsychism, or universal and decentralized consciousness. Information is the metric throughout my diagram below, which is part of my 30 July 2021 blog. Big Think title: Why information is central to physics and the universe...

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Is anything absolute or is all relative?

The philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994) once defined three kinds of truths: absolute, objective and subjective. He also stated that it's unlikely that we will ever be able to find evidence for an absolute truth. Indeed, there are often exceptions to any "rule". Usually, time will reveal even more exceptions. If even the truth is relative, is there anything absolute?...

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The 7 Belief systems: ideology vs pragmatism

Many weeks ago, I made a note: "Pragmatism equals having soft beliefs??" I didn't know what to do with that thought - until now. My concept of the 7 Belief systems lies at the heart of (extreme) human behaviour: either we are willing to sacrifice our own life for these 7 Belief systems - or we are willing to take someone else's life for those same 7 beliefs.I used...

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The Art of War

The Art of War

On July 23, I prepared my diagram below. I wasn't sure if I had captured all. Remarkably, the July 24 remarks by the US Secretary of State proved that I was on the right track (eg, Guardian).  His remarks were about dualism (eg, free nations against Chinese tyranny) and about monism (eg, Chinese expansionism). As stated before, trialism seems...

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