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Energy vs Matter

Single Cells Evolve Large Multicellular Forms in Just Two Years (Quanta)

Introduction LO: This Quanta article is fascinating if and when you're interested in (convergent) evolution. Although the article does not mention consciousness, it strongly suggests that consciousness is a phenomenon that starts in a single cell. It also suggest that multicellular organisms have collective consciousness that can learn. A must-read ! Single Cells...

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The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension

Last Wednesday, I received an epiphany. My diagram below is the result of that. I think, feel and believe that my epiphany is important. It captures my current understanding of my blog topics: Data / Info, Energy vs Matter, and the Spacetime dimension. Spacetime is the only known known dimension to us. In practical terms, space has 3 sub dimensions: length, width,...

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Why information is central to physics and the universe itself (Big Think)

Introduction by LO: This Big Think article could have been much better but it's still a useful introduction. In my view, this article is about panpsychism, or universal and decentralized consciousness. Information is the metric throughout my diagram below, which is part of my 30 July 2021 blog. Big Think title: Why information is central to physics and the universe...

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Is anything absolute or is all relative?

The philosopher Karl Popper (1902-1994) once defined three kinds of truths: absolute, objective and subjective. He also stated that it's unlikely that we will ever be able to find evidence for an absolute truth. Indeed, there are often exceptions to any "rule". Usually, time will reveal even more exceptions. If even the truth is relative, is there anything absolute?...

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Is consciousness a dimension not limited by space and time?

Something weird just happened to me. I felt that something embarrassing would happen in the next few seconds and it indeed did. How should you label such an experience? Such a known unknown would imply intuition, one of the 4 levels within our consciousness (see my 2017 blog). Would this make intuition a short-term clairvoyance? What does such an event even imply?...

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Identity vs Power (3) – energy and matter

The terms dark matter and dark energy and/or negative energy have been on my list of topics for a while. However, it's hard visualising something in your mind which you cannot see or touch. Given the universal concept of symmetry and balance (my 2016 blog), dark energy & matter should be the opposite of (ordinary) energy and matter. I have written...

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