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“Without love, life has no meaning”

A friend reacted to my Pushing boundaries blog and wrote the comment above. The word "love" is, however, a generic term and can refer to any type of love (eg, divine, friends, parental, romantic, the self). That it why the ancient Greek had various words for love (eg, agape, eros, philautia, philia, storge, xenia). Let's suppose, for argument's sake, that my friend...

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Why is our tolerance waning?

Compared to the previous century, in which I grew up, I notice that our intolerance towards 'others' is (still) increasing. Our intolerance relates to (the freedom of) (i) speech, (ii) worship (ie, religion), (iii) sexuality (eg, LGBT, non-binary) and (iv) making own choices (eg, unvaccinated). Why?? The common denominator above is identity. We dislike others being,...

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2021 Conceptual Framework

There has been a draft diagram in my Notes for many months. It felt appropriate to wrap up this year by drafting a 2021 Framework of my various concepts. The diagram below includes nearly all concepts of myself and of others (ie, Faith-Hope-Love, Sumerian, Zoroastrianism). This is the result. My 2021 Conceptual Framework started with the 7 Belief systems (ie, 2015...

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Why are human beliefs stronger than our conscience?

There's a 5 billion year competition going on between (unicellular) bacteria and (non-cellular) viruses (Aeon-2014). The cells in multicellular organisms must cooperate - by definition. However, cooperation creates a dependence on others. Independence - or freedom from others - has its advantages and disadvantages. Quanta-2021: "And even today, there are far more...

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Why are strategies rooted in monism?

For some time, there has been a question on my list of topics: why are strategies rooted in monism, and not in dualism or in trialism? I'm referring to strategies in business and/or politics. Perhaps, science has backup strategies for reaching its goals. Love may have several strategies but only one goal. I could blame the psychopathic traits in CEOs following Kevin...

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Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warns (Reuters)

Reuters title: Democracy slipping away at record rate, intergovernmental body warnsDate: 22 November 2021 "BRUSSELS, Nov 22 (Reuters) - A greater number of countries are sliding towards authoritarianism, while the number of established democracies under threat has never been so high, the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) said on...

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