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Dreams (goals)

Life is a journey along its destinations

As a boy, I dreamt about becoming an archeologist and write a book. It never happened. I still love ancient history though. My father owned a local barber shop annex clothing store and dreamt about one of his two boys becoming his successor. That never happened. He died at 61 and never saw his sons reach their full potential. That memory left a scar inside me. My...

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Is ideology responsible for stupidity?

It occurred to me that (blind) ideology might be responsible for human stupidity. According to a 2018 paper in the Journal of Degenerative Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, author James F Welles claims it is indeed: The Ideological Basis of Stupidity. Since 1990, he wrote at least 3 books on stupidity. The diagram in my recent blog on Needs, Wants,...

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About a boy

Recently, a Dutch-Flemish boy of eleven years graduated cum laude in Physics at Antwerp University. He started studying at Eindhoven University of Technology at the age of nine (Brussels Times). What does this event imply for topics like our biological clock, consciousness, epigenetics, learning vs teaching, nature vs nurture, talents, and/or the age when our brain...

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The AND/OR dilemma (2)

In August 2015, I wrote part one of this blog. It was probably my first blog about dualism (my blogs) without even realising this. Much later, I wrote two blogs on the same topic and/but from a different perspective: Why life is (not) digital (my blogs of 2017 and 2021). Often, we view Life as a choice between alternatives or ingredients. Rarely, we view Life as a...

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What are your plans?

My new girlfriend has asked me twice already about my plans. Her question feels like one of the lines from the 2009 book and 2012 rom-com "Think like a man, act like a woman": what are your (short term & long term) goals? I’m not sure that I have any, apart from reconnecting with my daughter. Recently, I reconnected with my BFF. That leaves only one item on...

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The new kid in town

One of the great lines in this Eagles song is: "They will never forget you 'til somebody new comes along". That's what I've felt for the last couple of days. Female interest in my dating profile was that huge that technical problems suddenly prevented me from answering anymore messages. The site still hasn't figured out the reason for the problems (eg, maximum...

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