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The law of supply and demand

Last Sunday evening, I suddenly wondered about the law of supply and demand. Also see my blog of Tuesday. Supply will create demand. Demand will result in supply. Once demand and supply reach an equilibrium, a market price emerges. Does this phenomenon extend to the Space and Time dimensions? From an individual's (ie, micro) perspective, a supply of time (eg, a...

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You bring out the worst in me

Some people bring out the best in you (video by Gladys Knight). For some people, you want to be a better man (video by Paolo Nutini). For some people, you'll never be good enough (video by Citizen Soldier). Sometimes, people bring out the worst in you (see video below). Recently, I met her. This also explains my recent blog: How can something be so right AND so...

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The survival of reason in a climate of fear

Both governments and their opposition - of whatever kind - use fear to bolster support in contentious issues (eg, covid-19). Governments force us to choose sides by threatening us with expulsion from society (eg, fines, imprisonment, passports). The opposition stirs our fears by labelling government policies as a conspiracy and as a brutal attack on our rights (eg,...

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We would like to know the future but will decline when offered

We often talk about our future as if we're not even part of it. In that view, our future is abstract, absolute, and opaque. In reality, our overall future can - most likely - be predicted with a fair degree of certainty. Moreover, our future is relative as each of our (eg, daily) choices has an impact on our own future. Indeed, our life gets more complex when we add...

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The fallacy of control (2)

Early 2021, I published my blog The fallacy of control. This is a follow-up because that blog was incomplete and lacked a diagram. A recent conversation with a close friend made me aware of this. Several days ago, she told me that she no longer feels in control in her relationship. Her (micro) situation is similar to what happens in our society (ie, macro) regarding...

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Advantage vs Empathy (3)

While looking at my notes for future blogs, I noticed this one: "Alignment between personal and group interests only possible if Empathy > Advantage". This statement applies to all situations, like a family, relationship, sports team, study group, and at work. Example: Why stay with [an employer] when you can increase your Advantage by quitting? If you replace...

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