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Waarom krijgt het nieuwe Kabinet niet het voordeel van de twijfel?

Tot nu toe heb ik geen enkel artikel gezien dat het nieuwe Kabinet het voordeel van de twijfel geeft. Elk artikel is negatief kritisch. Mijn blog zal opbouwend kritisch zijn. Zelf geef ik dit nieuwe Kabinet namelijk wel het voordeel van mijn twijfel. Ik vermoed dat de (contra-) spionage achtergrond van de nieuwe premier hem spelbepaler zal maken, zowel in het...

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The benefit of the doubt: who, when & why

My topic appears simple until you start wondering about the who, the when and the why. We do not give our benefit of the doubt to all (who), or always (when), or reasoned (why). If so then how do we decide on giving someone the benefit of our doubt?? Several weeks ago, I gave someone the benefit of my doubt. By now, that person appears to have lost the benefit of my...

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Will Tory incompetence transfer to Labour?

The incompetence of UK Conservatives (a.k.a. Tories) has been severely penalised after their chaotic reign of 14 years (2010-2024). However, incompetence seems to be a British rather than a Tory attitude. Hence, the question in my blog title. Also see my related blogs on (legendary) British incompetence: 2018: Why the UK excels at mismanaging expectations (FT);...

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How your attitudes to money could be affecting your relationship

Recently, I noticed an Aeon-Psyche article with an intriguing title (see above). I didn’t want to write about it but it kept bugging my mind. My past experiences have contributed to my reluctance. Suddenly, I realised its relevance. My upbringing explains my attitude towards money. My parents owned their house, their business, and their car in the 1960s. Money was...

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“There can be mystery in a win, but not in a loss.”

According to a recent Nikkei Asia article, my blog title is a quote attributed to a “well-known professional baseball coach”. I tried to find that name but I failed. That Nikkei Asia article is, however, not about sports but about politics (ie, the presidential election results in India). In my view, my blog title is a universal truth in (all) areas like business,...

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“I Love You”

Recently, I watched SE03 EP19 of The Big Bang Theory. This great TV series is rated #8.1 on IMDb. In that episode, Leonard says “I Love You” to Penny - for the very first time. Penny gets very confused and replies by saying “Thank you”. Then Leonard gets very confused. They break up soon after. After watching that episode, I suddenly remembered a similar instance in...

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