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Helicopter parents and backseat children

My father and mother had their own business in the countryside village where my brother and I grew up. They were unable to spend much time with us. Both our parents come from large families and were (probably) used to receiving little parental supervision. My brother and I wandered around in our village and spent time with friends. Sometimes, we made mistakes and...

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Money matters

My mother (86) always says that financial worries are the worst ones to have in a relationship. As far as I'm aware, money was never too tight to mention (lyrics, video, Wiki) while growing up. In 2013, I was afraid that I was heading for a personal bankruptcy following my divorce battles in various courts that lasted for 4-5 years. Fortunately, my string of bad...

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Exit strategy

Exit strategy

In my view, an exit clause and/or strategy is the most important element in an agreement, a contract or in a certain situation (eg, Covid-19 exit strategy). However, it's also an underestimated step despite that (marriage) contracts do end prematurely (eg, divorce). Outsourcing contracts may have the worst exit strategies as if people forgot to even think about...

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My worst fear is becoming reality

On my bucket list is just one item: to reconnect with my daughter. Everything else feels irrelevant. In the last 10 years, I have only met her twice. The problem is not her and not me. There is an invisible though physical obstacle in between us. Before, that person was just destroying my life. Now, that person is also damaging my daughter's life....

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Father and daughter

I miss my daughter. Not as much as before though. I've gotten used to the fact that she keeps a distance, both emotionally and geographically. She lives in Berlin, Germany. Occasionally, I receive some news about her from my son, her brother. Apparently, she keeps a distance towards all of us. To some extent, she is mirroring my own behaviour. In 2008, my daughter...

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Black Man in a White World

I am fortunate not being a black man in white America. Actually, I'm also glad not being a white man living in USA. At times, European (white) privileges have its advantages. Racism is deeply ingrained in any society. Racism is not always related to skin colour. Sometimes, it's tribal (eg, Kikuyu versus other Kenyan tribes). In many...

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