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The road to self-love or philautia

Last Thursday morning, Dutch band Rondé was promoting their new single: I'm ready to love myself (see song below). The band's singer was talking about her transformation to self-love (in Greek: philautia). Before, she did not believe in the healing nature of loving yourself. How do you get there? It's important to realise that both love and self-love are output and...

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Negativity: not forgetting + not forgiving + not loving (yourself)

I'm not good in forgetting (eg, bad events). I forgive easily but not everyone. For decades, I did not love myself (eg, failed marriage). My introspection, following my 2013 burnout and subsequent depression, allowed me to achieve philautia or self-love. Narcissism is an extreme form of self-love and/but without any doubt. Writing the aforementioned paragraph made...

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What is peace? The absence of war?

Allegedly, Russia wants peace with Ukraine, less than a month after its invasion of Ukraine. To many people, this desire is (very) hard to believe. Hence, some argue that it's a tactical move (eg, replenishing Russian troops). Why trust an aggressor and a war criminal? Moreover, what is peace? The absence of war? When I was in my teens in the 1970's, there was a...

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About a decade ago, a friend expressed his intention on staying neutral in my divorce. I expressed my doubts: not picking sides in a conflict, like a divorce, seemed impossible. Subsequently, it appeared that his neutrality was in his words, and not in his deeds. Also see my blogs on Deeds, Words & Intentions. In 2017, the Chinese president stated that the...

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Does your shadow ever leave you?

Our shadow is a nickname for our past and/or our reputation. Rephrasing my blog title's question results in: - Can you escape your past? (eg, guilt & shame, regret & remorse)- Can you change who and/or what you are? (eg, thief, murderer) A Google search revealed a Chinese Taoist story from an ancient book named after its author Master Zhuang Zhou. The book...

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Advantage vs Empathy (3)

While looking at my notes for future blogs, I noticed this one: "Alignment between personal and group interests only possible if Empathy > Advantage". This statement applies to all situations, like a family, relationship, sports team, study group, and at work. Example: Why stay with [an employer] when you can increase your Advantage by quitting? If you replace...

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