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Cultural diversity

Nowadays, people believe that cultural diversity is good and a monoculture is bad. Nevertheless, movies often show successful monocultures (eg, Margin Call, Trading Places, Wall Street, Wolf of Wall Street). In the 1983 comedy Trading Places, there is even a bet between two very rich white men that applying diversity will/will not make a...

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The pros and cons of diversity

The pros and cons of diversity

My recent blog on diversity was rooted in an article by Sylvain Ephimenco, a gifted writer of Dutch newspaper Trouw. The article is about a rather fundamental change in opinion on diversity by the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). The 2007 WRR diversity report focussed on identity, identification with the home country, and...

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Why do we believe in diversity and also dislike it?

Diversity literally means “turned into two” and is – in that context - the opposite of university, universe or universal (Quora). Multi-versity would be a better word for describing contemporary societies. In general, diversity (or multiversity) is fine with us as long as it doesn’t bother us. This is also known as the Not In My BackYard (NIMBY)...

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