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Why are corona and Trump able to tear up families and friendships?

Several months ago, I was attacked - verbally - by someone I know well. At least, I thought I did. I thought we were even friends. Apparently, we are acquaintances - or less. Moreover, the attack came out of thin air - without any prior warning. The attack felt malicious. My trust in that person has gone. The subject of the attack relates to today's blog...

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Trust works better both ways

Many years ago, I entered into a situation in which someone wanted to have proof from me that I can be trusted. Reluctantly, I agreed to that demand. After some reflection on its underlying distrust, I decided to ask for similar proof from that person. That person disagreed. Things quickly escalated and ended badly. In my view, trust works better both ways....

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Does the coronavirus makes us believe in Science?

The left-wing magazine The New Republic triggered my mind with a recent article: It’s not enough to “believe science”. They disputed - and rightfully, in my opinion - the reasoning of science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson in his May 1 article in the magazine The New Yorker: “Do we believe in science? Go outside and you’ll see the...

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Ai No Corona

Ai No Corona

To date, the coronavirus has killed 3 Dutch men (ie, 86, 86, 82) and 1 woman (78). Women are much less likely to be hit by this virus, for reasons still unknown. Recently, I have been joking that this virus might be a divorced female with a vengeance. Considering the number of Trump's divorces, his age, and his disbelief in the virus, something must be happening...

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Slavery of the mind

The African Holocaust Society defines slavery of the mind as follows: “Mental slavery is a state of mind where discerning between liberation and enslavement is twisted. Where one becomes trapped by misinformation about self and the world. So someone can claim to be conscious, they can read all the books they can recycle the popular rhetoric but still be unable to...

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Why do we ask Why questions?

Sometimes, you see an article and you immediately know that you want to read it: "Why children ask ‘Why?’ and what makes a good explanation". This 2017 Aeon article is written by Dr. Matteo Colombo, assistant professor in Philosophy at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Actually, I had never ever thought about why people ask the Why question....

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