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How to deal with an information overload (2)

My recent blog, How to deal with an information overload, left me thinking on this topic. Our body, mind & soul have their own ways of dealing with the vastness of sensory stimuli (ie, hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch). My diagram below is an illustration how I perceive its modus operandi. DIKW-model: Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom Following...

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Each day, I find / get / have new inspiration for writing these blogs. After all these years, it's hard to answer these basic questions: What is inspiration? Why do we get it? Where does it come from? How do we get it? Who gets inspiration and who doesn't? Most of all, inspiration is a mystery. Like others (eg, FD), I have my views. These views of mine are similar...

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How to Turn Information into Intelligence (Barbara Oakley)

Introduction LO: This is a fascinating topic. author Barbara Oakley mentions using patterns as a solution. In my blogs, I use interconnectedness as a substitute for these patterns, or - alternatively - the Big Picture. Standalone information is often not readily available in our memory because it's stored deeply or far away in our minds. That makes perfect sense...

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We need a common enemy to unite us

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU has suddenly adopted high speed decision-making and even without much fuss from its 27 members. Some are surprised about these changes. I'm not. I suppose, Condoleezza Rice (b.1954) was right when she once stated: "We need a common enemy to unite us." Quite often, leaders create imaginary enemies to get what they need,...

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US employs unusual intel strategy to counter Putin (the Hill)

The Hill title: US employs unusual intel strategy to counter PutinBy: Laura Kelly and Morgan ChalfantDate: 25 February 2022 "The White House has aggressively worked to rebut false narratives emanating from Russia about the crisis in Ukraine by proactively releasing intelligence information, a highly unusual strategy that experts and former officials say has knocked...

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The U.S. Is Learning to Win the Information War Against Putin (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: The U.S. Is Learning to Win the Information War Against PutinBloomberg subtitle: Biden’s willingness to publicly release sensitive intelligence on Russia and Ukraine is savvy, but not without risks.Opinion by: Hal BrandsDate: 22 February 2022 "Intelligence work happens in the shadows, but the Ukraine crisis is dragging it into the sunlight. One of...

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