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What exactly is the problem?

Just before I dozed off, a thought occurred to me: Why not both? What exactly is the problem? This thought refers to my Catch-22 dilemma as mentioned in my recent blog. Actually, I'm not so sure anymore whether I understand my own (dating) problem. In order to assist in my analysis, I prepared a diagram. This diagram showed me the complexities of my doubt and fear,...

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Reflections on Time

Our concept of time is a Sumerian invention of about 6,000 years ago. This explains the use of 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours because the Sumerian civilization used a Base-60 rather than our decimal system of - say - 100 seconds, 100 minutes, and 8.64 hours. Without the Sumerian notion of time, we might only have used yesterday, today and tomorrow. For...

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Morality is defined by our intentions, our words, and our actions/deeds. The law punishes bad deeds as there were bad consequences. Without consequences, bad words may easily avoid punishment. Bad intentions are difficult to prove in court. Sometimes, people experience “moral luck” when bad deeds fail to cause bad consequences. Taking accountability and/or...

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