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Making compromises

I've lots of experience in making compromises (eg, with myself, with others). Nevertheless, it never occurred to me that others are doing the very same. Actually, 1 compromise often exists of 3 compromises: yours, her/his, and the mutual compromise. However, your and her/his compromise will shift in time. Why do we compromise? First and foremost, intentions will...

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A holistic view on dating

Recently, a former girlfriend made an interesting remark to me: "You have a holistic view on dating." Her actual Dutch words are rather difficult to translate: "Jij zoekt het totaalplaatje." In her view, this explains my disappointments in dating. Her perspective was new to me. I suppose, she might be right though. My (alleged) holistic view includes a focus on...

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How can anything be weak AND a threat?

In the view of the Russian president, the West is weak. Until very recently, he may have had a point. The Ukrainians have never been weak; just look at their faces. Nevertheless, it doesn't make any sense labelling something that is weak as a threat. Either you're weak, or you're a threat. A major flaw in his reasoning. His reasoning may have been another case of...

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The useful idiots are spinning the news

On Thursday 24 February 2022, Russia started invading Ukraine despite its many denials before. Even the useful idiots cannot deny this invasion. Instead, the useful idiots are picturing Russia as the victim rather than the aggressor. This is called spinning the news. Hence, my choice of song below. "In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory...

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The dating shopping list

Recently, my online friend made a casual remark in one of her voice messages: "everyone comes with a [dating] shopping list". I knew she is right because I have one too, in the back of my mind. It contains items like looks, smell, taste, voice. My shopping list is actually much more detailed than this list suggests. Some people look great until they open their mouth...

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Facebook Should Stop Pretending It Has Such High Standards (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Facebook Should Stop Pretending It Has Such High StandardsBloomberg subtitle: The company’s critics, employees and founder would be better off if they just admitted its main goal is to earn a profit.By: Matthew YglesiasDate: 10 October 2021 "Facebook whistle-blower Frances Haugen has bequeathed to the world a trove of documents about the...

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