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Kent Nederland een huizentekort of een singlesoverschot? (Volkskrant)

Introductie LO: Hieronder wordt een vergelijking gemaakt tussen (i) het aantal eenpersoonshuishoudens en (ii) het (beweerde) huizentekort. De analyse is simpel: het probleem ligt bij de eenpersoonshuishoudens (o.a. bijstandsmoeders, gescheiden ouders, weduwnaars, weduwen). Die groep moet zich kennelijk aanpassen. De stijging van het aantal eenpersoonshuishoudens is...

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Why is bigger better?

My question may trigger a negative response (eg, "not true"). Nevertheless, one can only conclude that we - at the very least subconsciously - must believe in bigger = better. I do not but I'm an exception, along with 15% of the world population. About 85% live in urban areas. My village (c.2,000 people) offers at least something: an elementary school, bars,...

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Did China overestimate its births? Leaked data raises questions (Nikkei)

Nikkei Asia title: Did China overestimate its births? Leaked data raises questions Nikkei subtitle: Differences between official census, hacked information identified by scholar in U.S. By: IORI KAWATE, Nikkei staff writer Date: 25 September 2022 “BEIJING -- A trove of data obtained in a massive cybersecurity breach has raised questions as to whether the Chinese...

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Preaching to the converted

There are three kinds of people: (1) the ones preaching tolerance, (2) the ones preaching intolerance, and (3) the ones struggling where tolerance ends and intolerance starts. In my view, groups 1+2 are false prophets (eg, my 2016 blog) because their deeds tend to be inconsistent with their words. Prior to the 2016 US elections, Trump claimed that those elections...

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Ageing means Nothing Really Matters

In 2019, my then-neighbour was sorry to hear about my imminent relocation. At her age (then 98), all her friends and relatives had already passed away. As a helpful neighbour, I provided some sense of security. A year before, she had expressed her regrets for outliving everyone. A few days ago, my mother suddenly said that she had never expected to reach 88 next...

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