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Demand vs supply

Inflation: from supply-side to demand-side?

Usually, inflation is driven by the demand-side in economics. An increase in demand and a stable supply will cause (consumer) price increases - a.k.a. inflation. Alternatively, a decreasing supply and a stable demand will also cause inflation. Latter happened after the Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022). In 2023, consumer prices were getting back to "normal". Since...

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Inflatie: van aanbod naar vraag??

Op 22 maart plaatste het Financieele Dagblad dit artikel: “Postbezorgers krijgen loonsverhoging van 19% over de komende twee jaar”. Dit artikel maakt een onderwerp actueel dat al behoorlijk lang op mijn lijst stond: gaan we wel van aanbod-gedreven naar een vraag-gedreven inflatie?? Inflatie wordt bijna altijd veroorzaakt door een (sterk) gestegen vraag bij een...

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Demographic extinction versus nationalism

Intro LO: This recent Times article highlights a demographic topic in (very) many countries: declining birth rates that are announcing a declining population (eg, China-FT-2021). South Korea claims it “faces extinction”. That claim makes sense given the numbers in the 3rd paragraph of the article below. The 5th paragraph explains why this demographic issue is (much)...

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The retail apocalypse never happened (Axios)

Intro LO: I'm surprised by this American news as reality in the Netherlands is only showing more retail bankruptcies and more real estate vacancies. Considering the never-ending gun violence in or nearby American shopping malls, I’m a little skeptic about this Axios article. Perhaps, the retail apocalypse predictions ignored business shifts. The article below...

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Hertz’s Electric U-Turn (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Hertz’s Tesla Fire Sale Portends EV Reckoning No One Wants Bloomberg subtitle: The only ones making out well are used-car bargain hunters. By: David Welch Date: 12 January 2024 “Hertz’s Electric U-Turn Want to buy a Tesla for less than $18,000? Bargain hunters can find Model 3 sedans that cheap following the decision by rental-car giant Hertz...

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‘Derisking’ China-Reliant Supply Chains Is Creating New Risks (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: ‘Derisking’ China-Reliant Supply Chains Is Creating New Risks WSJ subtitle: The U.S. and Chinese economies appear to be growing apart. The real story is more complicated, and worrying. By: Nathaniel TaplinDate: 6 january 2024 " “Derisking” the West’s ties with China—shorthand for measures like tariffs to build up supply chains in friendly...

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