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A holistic view on dating

Recently, a former girlfriend made an interesting remark to me: "You have a holistic view on dating." Her actual Dutch words are rather difficult to translate: "Jij zoekt het totaalplaatje." In her view, this explains my disappointments in dating. Her perspective was new to me. I suppose, she might be right though. My (alleged) holistic view includes a focus on...

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Just my type

Sometimes, you immediately recognize it (eg, from a picture): she is just my type. Most of the times, there is doubt. Else, you just know (for sure) that someone is not your type. These instances are unknown knowns within our consciousness. We may also refer to this phenomenon as feelings or intuition or instinct. In 2017, I published my blog entitled: the 4 levels...

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Last weekend, I asked her whether she was self-sabotaging us. She said no. I asked if she was sure about that. She started doubting but still declined. I recall that I was self-sabotaging in my past and I thought that I recognised that behaviour in her. It doesn't really matter anymore as the damage is beyond repair. In my view, self-sabotaging is a conflict between...

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Is there a problem??

Wednesday night, my potential significant other and I had another great conversation during which she stated: "Is there a problem??" I realised at once her words had a bearing on Thursday's blog: What exactly is the problem? I laughed out loud following her wise words. I should have realised this. My (dating) problem, if any, is time and space related: I can find...

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What exactly is the problem?

Just before I dozed off, a thought occurred to me: Why not both? What exactly is the problem? This thought refers to my Catch-22 dilemma as mentioned in my recent blog. Actually, I'm not so sure anymore whether I understand my own (dating) problem. In order to assist in my analysis, I prepared a diagram. This diagram showed me the complexities of my doubt and fear,...

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The connection that men and women are looking for

Many female dating profiles state that they are looking for a 'connection'. This might just be the latest buzzword following 'soulmate'. Many women complain that men are just looking for a physical connection (ie, sex). A Dutch website argues that this female connection is related to a spiritual awakening. In my view, life and nature show three collective...

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