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Urban legend: Apple’s market dominance

The European Commission and others are complaining about Apple's market dominance (eg, WSJ). They must be joking. Google (eg, Android) has a c.70% market share for smartphone software, while Apple has only c.25%. Samsung is the dominant hardware supplier using Android software (eg. Statista). People buy Apple products despite its higher prices. Apple's closed...

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There have already been several people arguing that restricting access to (foreign state) propaganda is against the (individual) right of free speech. I trust you will see the inherent contradiction(s). Nevertheless, let's assume, for the purpose of this blog, that these people actually believe in what they're arguing. The above is an example of the paradox of...

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We need a common enemy to unite us

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU has suddenly adopted high speed decision-making and even without much fuss from its 27 members. Some are surprised about these changes. I'm not. I suppose, Condoleezza Rice (b.1954) was right when she once stated: "We need a common enemy to unite us." Quite often, leaders create imaginary enemies to get what they need,...

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US employs unusual intel strategy to counter Putin (the Hill)

The Hill title: US employs unusual intel strategy to counter PutinBy: Laura Kelly and Morgan ChalfantDate: 25 February 2022 "The White House has aggressively worked to rebut false narratives emanating from Russia about the crisis in Ukraine by proactively releasing intelligence information, a highly unusual strategy that experts and former officials say has knocked...

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The U.S. Is Learning to Win the Information War Against Putin (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: The U.S. Is Learning to Win the Information War Against PutinBloomberg subtitle: Biden’s willingness to publicly release sensitive intelligence on Russia and Ukraine is savvy, but not without risks.Opinion by: Hal BrandsDate: 22 February 2022 "Intelligence work happens in the shadows, but the Ukraine crisis is dragging it into the sunlight. One of...

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Meta’s European mess (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Meta’s European messBy: Naomi NixDate: 10 February 2022 "Meta Platforms Inc. has waded into another political fight. The social media giant said in its annual report last week that it may break up with Europe if regulators there don’t come up with a fix for the legal ambiguity over transatlantic data transfers. Some of those political leaders...

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