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Dimensions: spacetime and assumed others (2)

On 19 May 2017, I published part 1 of this blog. In 2021, I wrote two updates: (i) Is consciousness a dimension not limited by space and time? and (ii) The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension. In 2022, this topic has returned several times. Hence, it's time for an overhaul. According to Albert Einstein, spacetime is probably only one...

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“I need a new direction”

I heard those words (see above) while listening to Pino Daniele (1955-2015) on (web) Radio Monte Carlo, which plays his songs 24/7. These words struck me because I'm in a similar mood (probably). The related song is called Time to Change or Tempo di Cambiare in Italian. I'm not sure what I should change though (eg, blog topics, house, life). Or how, when, where....

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Positivity and negativity: micro and macro

We all know these Happy-Go-Lucky people. They radiate positivity and can bring sunshine to your day. We also know people who can suck out any positivism from our (and their) life. Most of us are keen to avoid them. Recently, I was wondering if such positivity and negativity may also happen at a macro level. My curiosity was triggered by societies that are becoming...

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How to Turn Information into Intelligence (Barbara Oakley)

Introduction LO: This is a fascinating topic. author Barbara Oakley mentions using patterns as a solution. In my blogs, I use interconnectedness as a substitute for these patterns, or - alternatively - the Big Picture. Standalone information is often not readily available in our memory because it's stored deeply or far away in our minds. That makes perfect sense...

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Don’t lead us into temptation

Late May 2022, a romantic suspense writer (71) was convicted for murdering her husband in 2018 (eg, Guardian, NYT). In 2011, she wrote a blog post: How to Murder Your Husband. Where did her temptation come from? Her blog mentions 5 motives: money, lying & cheating, betrayal, abuse, and killing as a job. Magpie Murders (eg, IMDb) is an excellent whodunnit on...

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Controlling the narrative

Last week, the line above entered my mind and refused to go. My 2021 blog, Controlling the Data-Information narrative, was on a related though individual or micro level. My current blog title is (probably) on a macro level. The first thing that comes to my mind is a recent FT article about hypocrisy versus lies. Western countries are eager to promote their way of...

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