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Washington isn’t listening to business on China any more (FT)

INTRODUCTION LO: The FT opinion below is an interesting, valid analysis that is worth reading. Until 2020, I would - probably - have agreed with the conclusions below. In my 2019 update of the 7 Belief systems (eg, 2015 original), I had even removed Politics from its Power domain. The subsequent Chinese political crackdown on various business sectors made me...

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U.S. Think Tank Reports Prompted Beijing to Put a Lid on Chinese Data (WSJ)

Wall Street Journal title: U.S. Think Tank Reports Prompted Beijing to Put a Lid on Chinese Data WSJ subtitle: Some reports based on publicly available information alarmed officials By: Lingling Wei Date: 7 May 2023 "A recent campaign to restrict overseas access to China-based data sources was partly triggered by a drumbeat of U.S. think tank reports on sensitive...

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Knowingness, a sibling of Know-it-All

Recently, I learned a new word: knowingness. It featured in a 2023 article in Aeon-Psyche magazine: Our big problem is not misinformation; it’s knowingness. In my view, knowingness is similar to the proverbial phrase: Mr./Mrs. Know-it-All. Also see this 20th century quote: "The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure...

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AI: artificial intelligence or artificial idiocy?

Recently, I have noticed many articles on Artificial Intelligence (AI), including this one: Artificial Idiocy. It was written by Slavoj Žižek, Professor of Philosophy at the European Graduate School, and International Director of the Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities at the University of London. I also noticed an excellent article by Wim Naudé (b.1968), an...

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AI Doesn’t Hallucinate. It Makes Things Up (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: AI Doesn’t Hallucinate. It Makes Things Up By: Rachel Metz Date: 3 April 2023 "There’s been so much talk about AI hallucinating that it’s making me feel like I’m hallucinating. But first… Choice of words Somehow the idea that an artificial intelligence model can “hallucinate” has become the default explanation anytime a chatbot messes up. It’s an...

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The 7 Belief systems – a 2023 update

Please find below my overhaul of the 2019 version of the 7 Belief systems. With hindsight, I overestimated the power of Technology, and underestimated the revenge of Politics. The first country to restrict the power of its Big Tech sector was China. USA and Europe are still following but lagging. The combination of Data-Info, Money and Technology is worrisome for...

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