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Desinformatie of slechts onwelgevallige informatie?

De Volkskrant, 31 augustus 2023: "Een grote meerderheid van de Nederlanders wil dat de overheid of de Europese Unie optreedt tegen online desinformatie. Bijna de helft vindt zelfs dat de vrijheid van meningsuiting moet wijken als mensen gevaarlijke informatie delen." Wat is eigenlijk desinformatie?? Mijns inziens is desinformatie hetzelfde als onwelgevallige...

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Is time a measure of entropy?

Recently, I noticed several articles about Betelgeuse, a "red supergiant star [] and one of the largest visible to the naked eye". Allegedly, this star will "soon" turn into a supernova, "a powerful luminous explosion of a star". The timeline of that event varies between a few hundred years to 100,000 years. Everything in life, nature and the universe appears to be...

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All warfare is based on deception (Sun Tzu)

If all warfare is - indeed - based on deception, would disinformation then qualify as lying? A simple answer would be a Yes. A complex answer would first look at human intentions. It could be argued that the victim has good intentions (eg, survival), while the aggressor has bad intentions. “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack,...

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If you pay peanuts then you get monkeys (2)

For a long time, something is bugging me: the nonsense ratio of "news" articles, and its parroting by other media (eg, radio, tv). Most information is ideologically biased (eg, conservative-right vs liberal left). Often, its main intention is to raise our anger rather than to increase our knowledge. As a result, the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom model...

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If you’re not paying for the product, then YOU are the product

Last Friday, a free antivirus tool was accused of selling sensitive data of about 5 million of its Dutch users (eg, Telegraaf, Wiki). The Dutch indeed love free stuff and thus make an easy target. In a distant past, I've used this Windows tool as well. Such tools are, however, quite irrelevant in macOS. Back then, I assumed this Czech company was Dutch. For that...

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Hindsight bias

On 12 June 2023, the British Psychological Society (BPS) published this article: Hindsight bias creates illusion of doomed relationships. We all know those unlikely couples. Their break-up confirms what we had "known-all-along". Those who stay together remain an accident waiting to happen. Recently, I visited a property that looked very appealing on paper, despite...

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