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Facebook: Click. Bait. Fight. Regulate. (4)

Things are moving faster than I anticipated. The Facebook Files or Papers (eg, WaPo) are causing bipartisan political outrage in Europe and especially in USA. A part of this outrage is political theater. The other part is probably rooted in emotions like revenge & retaliation. Facebook managed to alienate almost everyone. These Files or Papers evidence that the...

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People only pay attention to new information when they want to (Phys)

Phys title: People only pay attention to new information when they want toBy: Oxford University PressDate: 14 September 2021 "A new paper in the Journal of the European Economic Association, published by Oxford University Press, indicates that we tend to listen to people who tell us things we'd like to believe and ignore people who tell us things we'd...

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Is politiek nog relevant in Nederland?

Op 17 maart 2021 hebben we gestemd voor de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen (uitslag). Het politieke midden werd verder uitgedund en de flanken kregen er extra zetels bij. Links heeft slechts 26 van de 150 zetels (8x GL+9x PvdA+9x SP). Aan de rechterflank werd flink gewonnen. Nederland verrechtst steeds meer. Een enorm verschil met mijn jeugd (o.a. Joop den Uyl). Een...

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The SpaceTime dimension and the alternate Energy-Matter dimension

Last Wednesday, I received an epiphany. My diagram below is the result of that. I think, feel and believe that my epiphany is important. It captures my current understanding of my blog topics: Data / Info, Energy vs Matter, and the Spacetime dimension. Spacetime is the only known known dimension to us. In practical terms, space has 3 sub dimensions: length, width,...

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More information = more focus = less knowledge = less common sense

Each day, I receive some 150 newsletters from various backgrounds. I scan all topics and read several articles. There’s a considerable overlap in their topics, which allows me to create some efficiencies. Some articles look promising initially, but are not. The opposite also happens. I’ve plenty of time, being without a paid job. I use that time to read, think and...

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Why information is central to physics and the universe itself (Big Think)

Introduction by LO: This Big Think article could have been much better but it's still a useful introduction. In my view, this article is about panpsychism, or universal and decentralized consciousness. Information is the metric throughout my diagram below, which is part of my 30 July 2021 blog. Big Think title: Why information is central to physics and the universe...

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