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Dark side

2021 Conceptual Framework

There has been a draft diagram in my Notes for many months. It felt appropriate to wrap up this year by drafting a 2021 Framework of my various concepts. The diagram below includes nearly all concepts of myself and of others (ie, Faith-Hope-Love, Sumerian, Zoroastrianism). This is the result. My 2021 Conceptual Framework started with the 7 Belief systems (ie, 2015...

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“Are you in a relationship?”

Finally she asked the question that I was so eager to avoid in our conversations. My main goal was and is offering moral support to a gifted and promising young writer, who lost her sight due to an illness. Such a major change in anyone's life is bound to trigger the five stages of processing grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (a.k.a....

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Here and Now

Here and Now

Last Thursday, I felt a little sad because I missed her presence. Allowing someone into your life has the downside that they will not always be around you. I was about to start blaming someone whose problems are keeping her away from me. Then I realised that my notion is absurd. I should stay in my Here & Now rather than a Now & There. Another dark side of...

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What are your plans?

My new girlfriend has asked me twice already about my plans. Her question feels like one of the lines from the 2009 book and 2012 rom-com "Think like a man, act like a woman": what are your (short term & long term) goals? I’m not sure that I have any, apart from reconnecting with my daughter. Recently, I reconnected with my BFF. That leaves only one item on...

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Anger management (2)

Lately, I've been wondering how to channel my anger. I know the (positive) solution: writing about it. There are other - negative - solutions, like resorting to violence. These solutions don't match my character. More and more, I'm understanding the link between (perceived) injustice and violence. Hence, a follow-up on my 2016 blog on anger management. My...

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The dark side of empathy (2)

In general, empathy is considered a virtue rather than a vice. Nevertheless, recent research indicates that empathy has a dark side (eg, 2019 book by Fritz Breithaupt, Medium, NPR). A Psychology Today article, however, claims that only people have a dark side; not empathy.In my view, the global corona viral disease, including its related...

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