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The fallacy of control (3)

A friend sent me a comment on my recent blog The fallacy of control (2). She said that it lacked a connection with acceptance (my blogs). I agree. Hence, I've made some minor amendments to my 2017 diagram on Change to reflect how (not) being in control and acceptance are related. Not accepting Change may easily result in being / feeling out of control. Indeed,...

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Somebody’s watching us

On 30 October 1938, a live radio show caused panic amongst its listeners (Wiki). That event played an adaptation of The War of the Worlds, an 1898 novel by H. G. Wells, which was directed by future filmmaker Orson Welles. On 25 June 2021, the US government released a highly anticipated report on UFOs (eg, BBC). This time there was no commotion - let alone...

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Anger management (2)

Lately, I've been wondering how to channel my anger. I know the (positive) solution: writing about it. There are other - negative - solutions, like resorting to violence. These solutions don't match my character. More and more, I'm understanding the link between (perceived) injustice and violence. Hence, a follow-up on my 2016 blog on anger management. My...

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How to make a choice in a moral dilemma

Wednesday, I filled out the 2021 Dutch general election guidance at StemWijzer. That site poses 30 statements. You can select Agree, Disagree and None. The site compares your views with the views of 27 political parties that will compete on 17 March 2021. Its outcome intrigued me: I should vote for a party that appals me.The suggested Dutch political party has...

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The dark side of empathy

About a month ago, I noticed a remark on Facebook by someone whom I know well. At least, I thought so. He posted a tirade against people with a different Covid-19 view. He stated that such people do not even deserve a vaccination or a hospital admittance. I decided not to question his views. I did wonder about the reasons for his emotional rage a.k.a....

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Lust for Life

 Late September, I noticed a personal ad in a newspaper. One Dutch word hit me in the face: "levenslust" or "lust for life". My many disappointments in Love had disrupted my lust for life. In the absence of Hope and Love, Doubt and Fear will take over (my blogs). In my life, doubt has a central spot because doubt forces me to keep an open mind. This kind of...

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