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Cycles and Waves

Is time a measure of entropy?

Recently, I noticed several articles about Betelgeuse, a "red supergiant star [] and one of the largest visible to the naked eye". Allegedly, this star will "soon" turn into a supernova, "a powerful luminous explosion of a star". The timeline of that event varies between a few hundred years to 100,000 years. Everything in life, nature and the universe appears to be...

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When a friendship or a relationship is over, a new type of relation may emerge: the frenemy. Sometimes, it may still look like the friendship - or relationship - it once was. Usually, indifference is leading. The former is a micro example. China and Russia are a macro example; see my 2019 blog. "Frenemy" (also spelled "frienemy") is an oxymoron and...

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Solar maximum: climate change or change in climate?

A recent Scientific American article claims that the "sun is quickly approaching a major peak in solar activity". Wiki: "Solar maximum is the regular period of greatest solar activity during the Sun's 11-year solar cycle." Actually, this is the only article that I had noticed about this phenomenon. Source: my 2018 blogs Left is my 2018 diagram representing the known...

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Are the sides of a triangle sequential?

The sides of a triangle follow an arithmetic sequence (eg, Quora). In a "perfect" triangle, side a = side b = side c. I wonder if (my) conceptual triangles have sequential sides, like (i) Body, Mind & Soul, (ii) Deeds, Words & Intentions, (iii) Love, Knowledge & Power, and (iv) Needs, Wants & Beliefs. In order to visualize the above, I prepared a new...

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Is everything part of a cycle?

Many theories assume the existence of a cycle, like the social cycle theory, business cycle theory, product life-cycle theory, Milankovitch climate cycles, Strauss–Howe generational theory (eg, my July 7 blog), intelligence cycle, and the cycle of abuse. Hence, my question: is everything part of a cycle? The exception might be Time (eg, the arrow of Time) and/or...

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The strawberry or wimp generation

My earliest reference is from 1993: Is America turning into nation of wimps and crybabies? Two books may have accelerated this topic: The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity (2005) and A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting (2008). Despite many references (eg, PT-2004: A Nation of Wimps), there's no Wikipedia...

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