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Reversible Gene Editing (Freethink)

Freethink title: Reversible Gene Editing / An off-switch for CRISPRBy: Amanda WinklerDate: 22 April 2021"An off-switch for CRISPRThe gene-editing system, CRISPR-Cas9, is truly revolutionizing medicine: in the future, it may help us eradicate ailments from sickle cell, cancer, and even blindness.While this system allows scientists to make changes to...

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Coronavirus anomalies (2)

Last weekend, I had a strange thought following my reading of a recent Telegraph article (my blog). Is it a coincidence - or not at all - that the coronavirus has mostly hit non-Asian countries? The global COVID-19 map by the Johns Hopkins University confirms that anomaly. A counter argument for this observation is that Asian countries developed antibodies...

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Decoupling: nano, micro, macro and meta (3)

Several days ago, I suddenly realised that a burn-out is another example of decoupling (of beliefs) at a micro level. A burn-out feels like a chaotic vacuum. Once you survive a burn-out, a coupling (of new beliefs) will start. As a result, the person who once had a devastating burn-out, is able to "grow" to a new equilibrium. Please see my recent Under...

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Gene-hacking mosquitoes to be infertile backfired spectacularly (Futurism)

Futurism title: Gene-hacking mosquitoes to be infertile backfired spectacularly Publication date: 16 September 2019 "Best-Laid Plans On its surface, the plan was simple: gene-hack mosquitoes so their offspring immediately die, mix them with disease-spreading bugs in the wild, and watch the population drop off. Unfortunately, that didn’t quite pan out. The...

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Bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air globally (EurekAlert)

EurekAlert title: Bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air globally EurekAlert subtitle: Study could shed light on harmful bacteria that share antibiotic resistance genes RUTGERS UNIVERSITY PUBLIC RELEASE: 25-MAR-2019 "Bacteria may travel thousands of miles through the air worldwide instead of hitching rides with people and animals, according to...

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Humanoid sapiens (6)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had a few rough weeks. First, the Facebook incident in which 2 chatbots went "rogue" (eg, Independent, Sun). Then similar "rogue" behaviour happened in 2 Chinese chatbots (BabyQ and XiaoBing). BabyQ "answered the question “Do you love the Communist party?” with a simple “No”. [] Before it was pulled, XiaoBing informed...

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