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The law of supply and demand

Last Sunday evening, I suddenly wondered about the law of supply and demand. Also see my blog of Tuesday. Supply will create demand. Demand will result in supply. Once demand and supply reach an equilibrium, a market price emerges. Does this phenomenon extend to the Space and Time dimensions? From an individual's (ie, micro) perspective, a supply of time (eg, a...

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The fallacy of control (3)

A friend sent me a comment on my recent blog The fallacy of control (2). She said that it lacked a connection with acceptance (my blogs). I agree. Hence, I've made some minor amendments to my 2017 diagram on Change to reflect how (not) being in control and acceptance are related. Not accepting Change may easily result in being / feeling out of control. Indeed,...

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Political nationalism vs economic internationalism

Recently, Politico's Digital Bridge newsletter featured a plea by the Economic Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) against the political reshoring agenda, including its plea for political strategic autonomy. Apparently, this plea is news today. Before, such a plea was considered as common sense. An excerpt: “I think the principle should be: Avoid it. Avoid...

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The war between Politics and Big Business

On June 30, I got a news alert from the Wall Street Journal: "Biden Weighs New Executive Order Restraining Big Business". WSJ: "The Biden administration is developing an executive order directing agencies to strengthen oversight of industries that they perceive to be dominated by a small number of companies, a wide-ranging attempt to rein in big business power...

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The Flow: individual and collective

While editing my July 1 blog, I discovered the flow model by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It combines several of my topics: Boredom, Control, Doubt (worry), Fear (anxiety), and Flow. Arousal is covered by my blogs on Love and on lust. Relaxation is covered in my blogs on happiness & satisfaction, and confident humility. Until my July 1 blog, I had never written...

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Decoupling (8): Shell climate verdict

Recently, Royal Dutch a.k.a. Shell Oil was ordered by a Dutch judge to accelerate its climate targets (eg, Axios, FT, WSJ). The judge argued that climate rights are a part of universal human rights. My blog will not discuss those arguments. It is, however, another example of a decoupling (my blogs) between Business (ie, the belief system Money) and Politics (as a...

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