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Control and self-control

China’s exit bans multiply as political control tightens under Xi (Reuters)

Reuters title: China's exit bans multiply as political control tightens under Xi By: James Pomfret and Angel Woo Date: 2 May 2023 "Summary: - Safeguard Defenders report maps rise in exit bans - Foreign business community concerned about exit bans - U.S.-China geopolitical tensions weigh - Mintz Singaporean executive exit banned this year China is...

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Why China Is So Bad at Doing Big Things (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg Opinion title: Why China Is So Bad at Doing Big Things Bloomberg Opinion subtitle: The country has a reputation for accomplishing impossible tasks. But its strengths only work in certain cases. By: Minxin Pei Date: 3 April 2023 "Countries around the world are awed by China’s ability to marshal its national resources and do big, seemingly impossible...

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Life’s too short for conventions

I heard the phrase above in Cold Feet, a long-running comedy series rated 8.2 in IMDb. A granny in a nursing home used it as an excuse to have flirted with other men while still being married. This phrase also applies to other daring activities, like bungee jumping, skydiving and even swinging. Apparently, I'm a conventional guy. Moreover, I doubt that life is (too)...

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Feeling ignored

Recently, I dreamt about being ignored. The evening before, something happened that may well have triggered that dream. Feeling ignored may, however, be misguided as not everyone pays immediate attention. Ghosting is a modern name of deliberately ignoring virtual contact (eg, my 2019 blog). Ignoring someone may look like a powerful tool to express your discontent...

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Greed is (not) good

Tuesday, the Dutch PM visited the US president to discuss (a.o.) the American export ban for ASML, a Dutch company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-tech machines, which are used to produce high-tech computer chips. This American export ban hurts ASML's profits. Several decades ago, Western companies moved production facilities...

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Let it flow

Something broke inside me during the trip back from Germany. Initially, I assumed it was due to the prior night without sleep. Slowly, it dawned upon me that she and I lack a future together. I suppose that it's fair to say that our chemistry has slowly vanished until it was gone. I have been slow to accept the above. Probably because I was in denial. I preferred my...

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