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Control and self-control

Expectations vs Hope

There's often a thin line between expectations and hope. Sometimes, you even wonder if there's a difference. I suppose the main difference is time. Hope does not have a timeframe; expectations usually do. Both assume that something will happen. The degree of certainty varies significantly. A recent Aeon article suggests that there is another difference: When hope is...

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Mitigating country risk in supply-chain management

Country risk used to be a somewhat minor risk management issue in banking. Today, it has become a major issue in business' supply-chain management due to China (eg, zero-Covid policy) and Russia (eg, sanctions and nationalizations following invasion of Ukraine). Hence, this recent Bloomberg comment: "Hard evidence is now emerging that all the discussions of strained...

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Who is pulling the strings in China??

Introduction LO: A recent Nikkei Asia article alleged that president Xi has been reprimanded by his elders at Beidaihe over the direction of the Chinese nation; also see my recent blog. The continued sudden vanishings of Xi's trusted underlings makes you wonder who is pulling the strings in China. Why would Xi promote his trusted underlings to official Cabinet...

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“Ga je wel kijken?”

Enkele maanden geleden vroeg ze me dit. Ik twijfelde toen over mijn antwoord. “Waarschijnlijk wel”, antwoordde ik. Meestal wint mijn nieuwsgierigheid. Mijn twijfel ging over het effect op mijn hart. Dat de beelden door mijn ziel zouden snijden had ik niet gedacht noch verwacht. Uit een oogpunt van zelfbescherming zal ik niet meer kijken hoe haar avontuur verloopt....

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Intelligence is (not) a curse

A recent discussion with a friend made me think of a saying: intelligence is a curse (eg, see quote below). There is indeed some truth in that saying. In his famous poem of 1742, Thomas Gray suggested something similar: "[..] ignorance is bliss [..]". Is our intelligence really to blame?? My friend is an intelligent woman. She is determined that things must go as...

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Vertical integration is back

I've never been a fan of outsourcing as it means losing control, despite what suppliers promise in their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Outsourcing is part of (horizontal or vertical) disintegration. I need, want and believe in (self-) control, even while knowing that it's an illusion in certain circumstances. In 1983, a Harvard Business Review article wondered:...

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