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Conspiracy thinking


Op 29 februari 2020 liep ik mijn eerste corona besmetting op, na een lunch met mijn moeder (nu 86) en mijn zoon (nu 23). Gedurende 2 tot 3 weken had ik plotseling last van een zware vermoeidheid. Begin maart 2021 liep ik mijn tweede corona besmetting op. De vermoeidheid was wederom plotseling maar minder zwaar en duurde slechts 1-2 weken. Een Volkskrant artikel van...

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The survival of reason in a climate of fear

Both governments and their opposition - of whatever kind - use fear to bolster support in contentious issues (eg, covid-19). Governments force us to choose sides by threatening us with expulsion from society (eg, fines, imprisonment, passports). The opposition stirs our fears by labelling government policies as a conspiracy and as a brutal attack on our rights (eg,...

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The Truth about Conspiracy Theories (2)

I know several conspiracy thinkers and I know for a fact that they are not stupid. Also see my recent Psyche article and this 2021 Slate article: "Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories. They’re not stupid." Still, they do believe in conspiracies. I do not believe in conspiracies and for very practical reasons: too many people involved, no secrecy. Why do some...

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Media face hard questions on Trump, Wuhan lab (the Hill)

The Hill title: Media face hard questions on Trump, Wuhan labBy: NIALL STANAGEDate: 25 May 2021 "The media face hard questions amid a growing acceptance that it is possible COVID-19 originated in a Chinese laboratory. The idea was disparaged as a conspiracy theory by multiple outlets last year — almost surely because its loudest promoter was then-President Trump....

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COVID-19: Made in China?

By: George Friedman (Wiki) Date: 25 May 2021 "In a recent interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked whether he was confident that COVID-19 developed naturally. He has long maintained that though it was not impossible, the virus was in all likelihood a product of natural evolution. But this time he said something curious: “No, actually. I am not convinced about that. I...

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COVID: Is it OK to manipulate people into getting vaccinated? (the Conversation)

This article (see below) came as a blessing as I was already considering writing on this topic. After reading, one should wonder what came first: such articles OR the “conspiracy theory magnet” as mentioned in this article? It feels like another chicken-egg dilemma.This article is another example of arrogance versus ignorance (my blogs). Apparently,...

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