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Conspiracy thinking

Where indifference is bliss, solutions are near

In his 1742/1768 poem, Thomas Gray wrote two famous last lines: “[..] where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise”. The old English word "folly" means foolish; bliss is "a state of complete happiness or joy". My blog’s title is a paraphrase of those two lines. Small human problems often arise from misunderstandings and/or wrong assumptions. Both can be solved...

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New York Times Retracts Massive Exaggeration of Children Hospitalized by COVID-19 (NR)

Introduction LO: Today, the size of the US population is slightly over 330 million people. The (now retracted) New York Times article below stated that nearly 900,000 children (almost 0,3%) had been hospitalized with Covid-19, while the total number of American corona fatalities is almost 742,000 (or 0,225%), including some 500 children. Clearly, this NYT writer -...

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On 29 February 2020, I got my 1st corona contamination after a lunch with my mother (now 86) and my son (now 23). Suddenly, a heavy fatigue came over me, which lasted for 2-3 weeks. Early March 2021, I got my 2nd contamination: again a sudden fatigue, less heavy than the first, and "only" for 1-2 weeks. A February 2021 Dutch newspaper article confirmed my...

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Op 29 februari 2020 liep ik mijn eerste corona besmetting op, na een lunch met mijn moeder (nu 86) en mijn zoon (nu 23). Gedurende 2 tot 3 weken had ik plotseling last van een zware vermoeidheid. Begin maart 2021 liep ik mijn tweede corona besmetting op. De vermoeidheid was wederom plotseling maar minder zwaar en duurde slechts 1-2 weken. Een Volkskrant artikel van...

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The survival of reason in a climate of fear

Both governments and their opposition - of whatever kind - use fear to bolster support in contentious issues (eg, covid-19). Governments force us to choose sides by threatening us with expulsion from society (eg, fines, imprisonment, passports). The opposition stirs our fears by labelling government policies as a conspiracy and as a brutal attack on our rights (eg,...

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The Truth about Conspiracy Theories (2)

I know several conspiracy thinkers and I know for a fact that they are not stupid. Also see my recent Psyche article and this 2021 Slate article: "Why People Believe in Conspiracy Theories. They’re not stupid." Still, they do believe in conspiracies. I do not believe in conspiracies and for very practical reasons: too many people involved, no secrecy. Why do some...

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