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Is modern life organised to prevent us from thinking?

My May 27 blog, Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, touched upon a topic that has been on my mind recently - and the mind of others (eg, NRC, The Times). These others focus on the How and What, while I focus on the Why. The quote below provides an interesting start for this topic: "Spend enough time trying to have ideas and you realise that modern life is...

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Pushing boundaries

Last Sunday, a local friend joined me at my table at his restaurant. He had a blog topic for me: pushing boundaries. He was not talking about the recently popular term of transgressive behaviour (in Dutch: grensoverschrijdend gedrag). More specifically, he wondered why I'm not pushing my boundaries. Children are always pushing their boundaries with respect to...

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Last Friday, an ex-girlfriend replied to my Al Capone's kindness for weakness quote by stating: "I understand but you're soooooooo sensitive". She is right. Even my Chinese Western zodiac claims that in its 5th and last paragraph. I always wonder whether my sensitivity is a strength, a weakness or both. Given the triangle of personality, attitude & behaviour, I...

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“What is faith?”

Mid March, I received a question from one of the readers of my blog, asking me for my definition of faith. She also stated: "According to the [deleted by LO] church (in which I was raised) I suppose that I don't have much." Note: italic markings in quote by LO. My then-answer to her was as follows: "Faith is an individual’s belief in any deity or Supreme Being....

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One for all, all for one

Late 2019, in an interview with The Economist, the French president warned European countries that they can no longer rely on America to defend NATO allies. BBC: "What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of Nato." Similarly, the EU survived Brexit but was struggling finding a joint goal. Now, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has suddenly emboldened the...

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Just my type

Sometimes, you immediately recognize it (eg, from a picture): she is just my type. Most of the times, there is doubt. Else, you just know (for sure) that someone is not your type. These instances are unknown knowns within our consciousness. We may also refer to this phenomenon as feelings or intuition or instinct. In 2017, I published my blog entitled: the 4 levels...

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