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The benefit of the doubt: who, when & why

My topic appears simple until you start wondering about the who, the when and the why. We do not give our benefit of the doubt to all (who), or always (when), or reasoned (why). If so then how do we decide on giving someone the benefit of our doubt?? Several weeks ago, I gave someone the benefit of my doubt. By now, that person appears to have lost the benefit of my...

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Why do we sabotage our own success?

My blog title has been borrowed from a recent article in the online magazine Aeon. I did wonder about this question as well, given some of my actions. In my early 2022 blog Self-sabotaging, I had assumed that self-sabotage was about conscious versus subconscious. The problem is that nobody knows what consciousness is because it remains a scientific mystery. The...

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Weird thoughts

Last Wednesday morning, I woke up early due to the morning sunlight and weird thoughts. I wanted to escape that “dream” as it annoyed me. It was about working for a very disorganised and/but attractive woman. I suppose my loyalty towards her prevented me from refusing that work. This work related “dream” was not about (my) fear. Usually, those dreams are about (my)...

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Finding our goals in life

Usually, we do not think about finding our goals in life. Those goals arrive “automatically” and/or subconsciously. For nearly everyone, our primary goal is survival (eg, food, housing, water). For most of us, money is our secondary goal in life because money satisfies our needs and our wants. When our needs and our wants (in life) have been satisfied then finding...

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AI needs embodied cognition??

Intro LO: There are four levels in human consciousness: Unknown unknowns resulting in fantasy (eg, fiction); Known unknowns resulting in beliefs (eg, science-fiction); Unknown knowns resulting in intuition (eg, innovation); Known knowns resulting in knowledge (eg, science, technology) and in tools. The Axios AI+ article below is indeed consistent with “ancient”...

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The benefit of the doubt

Everyone understands the meaning of my blog title. Nevertheless, it’s hard to explain the how, what, when, who, and the why. Perhaps, the benefit of the doubt relates to a conflict between consciousness (eg, ratio) and subconscious (eg, emotion). Probably, doubt is settled once a side has “won”. The benefit of the doubt relates to all three domains: Love, Knowledge,...

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