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Competition vs cooperation

Tweedeling in de samenleving

Enkele dagen geleden schreef een NRC nieuwsbrief over de ontstane tweedeling in de Nederlandse samenleving. Na enig nadenken geloof ik dat die opmerking inderdaad (nog) een voorbeeld is van een fundamentele verandering in de maatschappij van trialisme (de "all-inclusive" samenleving) naar dualisme (de "haves" versus de "have nots" c.q. winners vs losers). De...

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Assuming a new identity

The title of a recent Dutch interview with international classical baritone singer Ernst Daniël Smid caught my immediate attention: If I can no longer sing, then who am I ? A familiar question for me. Nowadays, I state that I'm a thinker and a writer. Before, I was working in Finance (eg, CFO, CPA). In between, I felt lost due to a severe burnout and depression (my...

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Why is leadership restricted to animals and humans?

Leadership appears to be a largely human topic. Nevertheless, there are plenty of articles about leadership in animals (ie, amphibians, birds, fish, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles). Most articles are about mammals (eg, African elephants) and birds (eg, pigeons). Most articles claim fish have leaders (eg, Nat Geo, Phys, Science Daily) apart from one (JSTOR). I...

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The coincidental evolution hypothesis

There are almost 8 billion humans on this planet. Hence, we often think that we are the center of Evolution. In some ways, this view is similar to the heliocentrism debate during the Roman Catholic Inquisition and the trial of the Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer Galileo Galilei (1564-1642). The coincidental evolution hypothesis views humans as passengers...

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Our body is a network and so is everything else

Mid April 2018, I wrote my blog Know thyself a.k.a. Who am I? Its first paragraph wonders how 37.2 trillion cells can view themselves as "one". A recent Aeon article - You are a network - sheds some light on this discrepancy and on my implicit question. The article's subtitle reads as follows: "You cannot be reduced to a body, a mind or a particular social role. An...

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We trust others like we trust ourselves

My motto is trust but verify. I borrowed it from Ronald Reagan who borrowed it from a Russian proverb (Wiki). To a large extent, my motto avoids distrusting and/or mistrusting most people (difference). I trust myself, except for my "addiction" to (Dutch) liquorice confectionery a.k.a. "drop(jes)". Once they're in stock, they must be eaten. Mostly, I...

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