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Competition vs cooperation

What defines a SuperPower?

Until about a year ago, many articles claimed that China would surpass the USA as an (economic) SuperPower. I never believed those articles. China did and does not meet the SuperPower criteria. Today, many articles assume that USA may not be surpassed. I doubt that too. The Roman Empire was - probably - the first global empire. Alternatively, it was a multi-regional...

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Why do we assume that most people lie to benefit themselves?

Recently, I noticed this British Psychological Society article: Are people more honest than we think? I don't lie as I'm not intelligent enough to remember what I lied about, to whom, and when. A former colleague once joked that our then-boss must have been very, very intelligent (pun intended). The above must apply to most people. Hence, the outcome of this article...

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Is it a pity that we have so many opinions??

Recently, I had a conversation about the abundance of opinions. In our past, you had to send your handwritten or typed opinion in a sufficiently stamped envelope to a newspaper that might not even publish it. Since about 20 years, everyone can publish an opinion (eg, Facebook-2004, Twitter-2006). Hence, my question: Is it a pity that we have so many opinions?? The...

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Extreme views are more attractive than moderate ones?!

A recent article in Scientific American claims that: "New research shows that people are drawn to others with more extreme versions of their own political views". I wonder if that is true. If only because I do not relate to it, whatsoever. I dislike extreme political views, from any side. I believe in cooperation rather than competition, which may explain my...

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“The enemy of a woman is a woman”

My title is the reply I received after sharing some local Kenyan information (eg, CNN, Telegraaf). I had scanned that article and assumed the manager was a male. She pointed out that I was wrong. The manager was a female. Hence, her reply to me: "The enemy of a woman is a woman". My friend claims that "it's a known fact". I added: "and an opinion as well". She...

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If you pay peanuts then you get monkeys (2)

For a long time, something is bugging me: the nonsense ratio of "news" articles, and its parroting by other media (eg, radio, tv). Most information is ideologically biased (eg, conservative-right vs liberal left). Often, its main intention is to raise our anger rather than to increase our knowledge. As a result, the Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom model...

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