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Competition vs cooperation

Friendships: different or similar like you?

On 6 February 2024, an Aeon Psyche article posed the following question in its title: “Is it better to have friends who are like you or different from you?“ Before reading its conclusion, I checked my gut feeling. In my view, similar is more likely than different. I was right. There’s an adjacent field: relationships. People often say that opposites attract. Merriam...

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Het laatste woord

Het laatste woord in een discussie geeft je vaak een prettig gevoel: van winnen. Vervolgens ontstaat er een nieuw en naar gevoel: van verlies. Je realiseert je dan plotseling pas dat er een geheel andere intentie kan zijn voor het niet antwoorden: afscheid (o.a. relatie, samenwerking, vriendschap). Elke discussie tussen twee (of meer) personen gaat eigenlijk over...

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Gender ideology

Early March 2024, Pope Francis stated that “gender ideology is the ugliest danger of our time” (eg, Vatican News). I’ve never viewed gender ideology as a danger or a threat. It merely confuses me as I fail to understand it. In my view, gender ideology is a topic for the loud minority and irrelevant for the silent majority. Apparently, Pope Francis has a different...

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Bipartisan politics: between autocracy and multi-party coalition

Recently, Allister Heath (b.1977) wrote an intriguing article in The Telegraph, entitled: For the first time in my life, I’m now beginning to think Britain is finished. Its subtitle was another clear message: "The country’s self-image as tolerant, decent and hard-working is being smashed. It’s only going to get worse". My main thought was: what is the difference...

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Powerful women

Recently, I had a discussion with a female friend. That discussion emerged after I showed my preference for a female political candidate. She replied that she dislikes powerful women. She’s not alone; far from it, actually. Also see my 2023 blog: The enemy of a woman is a woman. A recent Belgian newspaper article wondered whether boys are more conservative than...

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In several of its articles, British newspaper The Telegraph claims that centrism is dead (eg, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023). That view makes sense because most Anglo-Saxon countries have bipartisan political systems (eg, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA). The (extreme) political turbulence in most of those bipartisan Anglo-Saxon countries makes you wonder if...

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