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Dating and Mehrabian’s Communication Theory

In my dating efforts, it's my policy to keep written communication to a minimum, and to move towards verbal communication asap (ie, phone). When verbal communication (eg, voice) is pleasant, a meeting is the next step. A meeting will show if there is actual chemistry. Recently, a Possibly Maybe sent me a slide with the 7-38-55 rule. It took me a while finding its...

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Communication, thoughts and language

There is little doubt that all life-forms - plants, animals and humans - communicate. There is still, however, quite a scientific debate whether animals have thoughts (eg, Aeon, my 2016 blog, Theory of mind in animals). There is also a scientific debate whether having thoughts is required for using (written) language, or the other way around...

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Personality, Attitude & Behaviour

Personality, Attitude & Behaviour

Sunday evening, I watched the entire 3 hour (Dutch) interview with Louis van Gaal in VPRO Zomergasten. At a certain point, Louis van Gaal corrected his interviewer several times. She talked about the personality of soccer players, while he referred to their behaviour. Their discussion struck a nerve as I noticed a parallel with the ancient Zoroastrian concept of...

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What makes a relationship truly unique?

Last Sunday, a friend - whom I have never even met - mentioned to me that she is "beginning to understand that there can never be 2 same or similar relationship. Each is different. Or maybe it's just what I had with you that is unique". I answered her the following: Each and every relationship is different in several ways. Some you miss and most you don't. I think...

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Communication, language, speech and the Google Translate for Animals app

While sitting in the garden and enjoying the Spring sun, I can hear the animals around me. They may be able to hear us too. Would they assume that the human sounds are just random sounds without any meaning? Obviously I'm joking now as I said in one of my earlier blogs that having a mind and thoughts is exclusive to humans. Speech is within the brain, not the mind....

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