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Common sense

More information = more focus = less knowledge = less common sense

Each day, I receive some 150 newsletters from various backgrounds. I scan all topics and read several articles. There’s a considerable overlap in their topics, which allows me to create some efficiencies. Some articles look promising initially, but are not. The opposite also happens. I’ve plenty of time, being without a paid job. I use that time to read, think and...

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Idiocracy (6): New Zealand

Introduction LO: New Zealand has a population of about 5.129.000 people and has faced 26 deaths due to Covid-19. They are well below the cumulative international average mortality rates of 0.2% to 0.3%. Else, they would have had 10,000 to 15,000 fatalities. The above suggests the following:- the % of asymptomatic virus carriers in New Zealand is much higher than...

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Common sense is not for the common man (2)

Early 2015, I published my blog: Common sense is not for the common man. In 2021, its title seems more relevant than ever before. I was reminded of my 2015 blog following a sentence in someone else's blog post: "There seems to be nobody with common sense in governments anymore." While I seldom agree with this writer, I do agree with this observation. From 2018 to...

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‘We are erasing hundreds of years of enlightenment and critical thinking’ (Gad Saad)

Dutch Financial Times title: 'We are erasing hundreds of years of enlightenment and critical thinking’By: Marco VlotDate: 30 July 2021 Dutch Financial Times subtitle / summary:Canadian professor Gad Saad fights against so-called ‘idea pathogens’: dangerous ideas that spread like a virus into your brain and cause exclusion, division, and the end of rational thinking....

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Political nationalism vs economic internationalism

Recently, Politico's Digital Bridge newsletter featured a plea by the Economic Round Table of Industrialists (ERT) against the political reshoring agenda, including its plea for political strategic autonomy. Apparently, this plea is news today. Before, such a plea was considered as common sense. An excerpt: “I think the principle should be: Avoid it. Avoid...

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