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That loving feeling

Somehow the song "You've lost that loving feeling" entered my mind, last Sunday. Possibly, it related to someone who had her birthday the day before. I thought she was the love of my life - until she no longer was. That Righteous Brothers song (video) has been applicable ever since her departure. I think, feel and believe the absence of that loving feeling has...

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After Life (2)

Quite frequently, I feel like Ricky Gervais' character in After Life (IMDb, yesterday's blog, Netflix). At times, I feel like the frog when a scorpion has stung me again. My melancholic side is easily triggered and then grief, sadness, sorrow and/or anger will erupt. My silent sorrow (my recent blog) is related to several losses, which usually makes it...

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Soulmates is a combination of two diverse though connected concepts: mates (friends) and soul. Most people would probably define a soulmate as a unique friendship between the opposite sex. Based upon my own experience, I'm sure that soulmates are not unique and I doubt that they are restricted to the opposite sex. I'm fortunate to have known 2 soulmates....

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