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Climate change

Democracy might be in crisis. But Autocracy certainly is (FT)

Financial Times title: Democracy might be in crisis. But Autocracy certainly is FT subtitle: From the 2008 crisis on, authoritarians were praised for their ‘efficiency’. Their troubles dwarf ours By: Simon Kuper Date: 12 May 2022 “Crisis of democracy” is a cliché of our time. But what about the even more consequential crisis of autocracy? Just watch the meltdowns in...

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Drivers of Change: a 2022 update

Several of my blogs have mentioned the drivers of Change, which govern everything around us. Late April 2018, I published my initial blog Drivers of Change, which included a rather complex diagram. I suppose I was still arranging my thoughts. Today, I present a much simpler diagram. Perhaps, the single most important item in my diagram is the Blueprint of our...

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The turn of an unfriendly card

Last week, someone complained about the many cheers following the announcement of Denmark to scrap all COVID-19 restrictions. I understand that complaint but don't sympathise with its micro view. Two years ago, people verbally attacked the ones who dared to argue that the macro view is not unlike a 2-year severe flu. To be clear, the micro and macro view are both...

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Supernovae and life on Earth appear closely connected (Phys)

Phys title: Supernovae and life on Earth appear closely connectedBy: Technical University of DenmarkDate: 6 January 2022 "A remarkable link between the number of nearby exploding stars, called supernovae, and life on Earth has been discovered. Evidence demonstrates a close connection between the fraction of organic matter buried in sediments and changes in...

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Does the end justify the means?

A recent Washington Post article - Russia blocks U.N. move to treat climate change as a global security threat - triggered the above question. Like Russia, I do not believe that climate change is a global security threat. First and foremost, it's a geological phenomenon, similar to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. To some extent, the paragraph above is about...

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