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Climate change

A reliance on technology creates weaknesses?

On November 17, the Washington Post issued a World Alert and reported that "[..] reliance on technology created weaknesses in its [..]". Their alert created my immediate interest. Does a reliance on technology indeed creates weaknesses? The answer depends on your time frame. Several of my blogs claim that our species cannot survive a next glacial period (a.k.a. Ice...

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History, legends and myths (3)

Planet Earth is c.4.5 billion years old (eg, NatGeo). Earliest lifeforms are c.3.7 billion years old (eg, Smithsonian). The oldest human fossils are some 7 million years old. The oldest human writing is some 5 thousand years old. Temperature recording began less than 400 years ago (eg, NASA). Notwithstanding the above, scientists continue to write about Earth’s...

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Is climate fear actually fear over human extinction?

Recently, I noticed a quote by author Blake Newman (see below). His view made me wonder if fear over climate change is actually fear over human extinction. The name of the "global environmental movement" Extinction Rebellion also suggests that climate fear is fear over human extinction. “Don't worry about saving the earth. The earth will be fine. However, humans...

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Growth: what goes up must come down

Growth refers to many different topics: body, brain, business, cancer, climate, economy, ethics, inflation, politics, population, and the Universe. We use many different adjectives to describe growth, like: absolute, actual, historical, marginal, projected, relative. A decline is even negative growth. Source: Our World in Data The population diagram for 1750-2100...

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Home prices defy gravity (Axios)

Introduction LO: This American perspective on residential real estate is quite interesting because it seems to apply as well in Europe (eg, the Netherlands) and in UK. The same may be argued for the jobs market: demand for labour outweighs recession risks, both following the lacking supply of houses (eg, due to climate regulations, high inflation) and labour (due to...

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Solar maximum: climate change or change in climate?

A recent Scientific American article claims that the "sun is quickly approaching a major peak in solar activity". Wiki: "Solar maximum is the regular period of greatest solar activity during the Sun's 11-year solar cycle." Actually, this is the only article that I had noticed about this phenomenon. Source: my 2018 blogs Left is my 2018 diagram representing the known...

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