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“All media are liberal-left”

Recently, my son (21) made an interesting comment: "All media are liberal-left". I agree with him. It's very difficult finding serious conservative-right media. I think, feel and believe that bipartisanship and subsequent polarisation have caused a vacuum at the conservative-right, which was filled by populist, nationalist, or extremist media....

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New Polls Show That Trump Should Be Afraid. Very Very Afraid. (The Bulwark)

The Bulwark title: New Polls Show That Trump Should Be Afraid. Very Very Afraid. The Bulwark subtitle: It's not that his approval rating is low (although it is). It's that his disapproval rating is so high. Author: Bruce Gyory Date of publication: 20 August 2019 "Political pundits ought to hold themselves to the standard of revisiting their predictions and with a...

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Too big to boycott (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg title: Too big to boycott "Hi, everyone. It's Shira. It’s often easy to lose track of what to worry about when it comes to Facebook Inc. Should we fret about its dominance leading to a social network monopoly? Or should we be more concerned about potential invasions of privacy? A new academic paper by a former advertising technology executive and Yale...

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